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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Fantasies in the Summer Heat

I'm trying to embrace summer.
Yes, today the temperature is 104 degrees. I hope all of the folks that LOVE SUMMER are happy campers  'cause it's here. I know that many people are really happy about this... while I'm inside the house dreaming of a White Christmas.
So, I have been thinking about this DISLIKE (the Prospector says I shouldn't hate things.) that I have for Summer and how I could remedy the situation. The heat definitely affects my judgement but...
I think I have found the answer.
We have these open areas around the house. They are steep, rocky and all downhill.
This area is next to the driveway and has access to mountain lions and rattlesnakes. but it's also easier for the work that would have to be done.
This spot, below the retaining wall, has grapes growing over it. Perfect! This might be the best place.
It's fenced. It's easy to access from the front yard and we already have a retaining wall above it.

We could use this area, behind the house, too.
Brownie might object to cutting off his access to the south pasture but he would get use to it because it would be so beautiful and he would have company all summer long. Nubian goats love company.

So, what is this idea of mine that would make the summer more palatable? Well...
This is what I have in mind.
Or this...
Or... are you still with me?  Are you really understanding the level of my desire for this summer salvation?

Here is another idea.
Oh yes. This would make summer a bit more palatable. Oh, yes indeed.
Or, how about this one...
These last two are called "infinity" pools. Aren't they the most beautiful swimming pools you ever saw?
And this one...
Oh my gosh... I'm feeling the cool water flowing around me as I write. I can feel my body cool down as I dive into that beautiful pool. This would be Heaven.
I guess we would have to remodel the house to go with this yard, but that would be no problem. We just need about $100,000. for the pool and a couple hundred thousand more for the remodel.
So, I have a plan.

 I could make a plea on my blog. You know, like the "kickstarter" program where people donate to a good cause. I could even have a raffle. The prize would be a weekend on the mountain with swimming privileges.
I figure if all my friends, family, all my followers and even the folks that I "friend" on Facebook, donate five to ten thousand dollars apiece, I could have this whole thing done by next summer and never have to "dislike" summer again.

But, just in case this doesn't pan out, I have a plan "B".
It's kind of cute isn't it? Like a new puppy. I can get it at WalMart for around $200.00 and it comes with its own pump. We would install it ourselves.
Let me know which plan you like the best. I'm open to all inquires and questions.
The heat affects my judgement, as I said before, so I may not have the right perspective on this.

p.s. I do like plan "A" the best.


  1. I start the fund....100.00
    to have the privilege of meeting a nubian goat named brownie.....
    get that fund started
    but if you chicken out...plan b is enough to cool off....in your birthday suit after dark if you so please
    you're such a woman after my own heart
    ....104......I quit

  2. I like the one with the waterfall the best. I know someone that has an above ground pool like the first two pictures with a deck built all around it, does not look like an above ground pool.

    I bought several galvanized stock tanks from Craig's list last year. I was going to keep the 3 ft round, 30 in deep for me, just add a chair, nice place to cool off, has outlet on the bottom I was going to attach a hose and could then use to water the garden. Oh well ponies needed another water trough so they got it instead. Need to find another one on CL or buy a new one for me at the feed store ......... BTW 104 here too, 106 I think for tomorrow, can you get pool installed this afternoon, if so I be over tomorrow, LOL>

  3. omg...i am voting for the infinity pools...they look so cool...and then a pool party is in order to break it in...smiles. whew that is a scorcher today...

  4. Love those beautiful pools, but I would settle for the Wally World special! Hope it cools down a little for you tomorrow, and DON'T send it our way!

  5. my check is in the mail! I can't wait to dive in, guess I better learn to swim this summer..;j

  6. The photos of the pools are all so beautiful. I love summer but 104 degrees is a little to much for June. We have had our pool since 1980 and I have enjoyed it as have my children, grandchildren and great grand children. It is not as fancy as the ones you show in your photos but it is an inground one 16 by 34 goes from 3 foot to 8 foot depth. I hope you are able to get
    one wish I was rich so I could send
    you a donation to help out :). Love you new header. Have a blessed Sunday and keep cool. Madeline

  7. I feel your pain! We moved my son into his own apartment yesterday in downtown Sonora, in the heat of the afternoon! I thought I was going to die. I'd take any one of those pools!
    We had an above ground when our kids were young. We bought it the first summer after we moved from Alaska. I lived in it every summer for years until we got a swamp cooler. That was heaven. Do you have ac or a cooler?

  8. I can't fathom 104 anymore. All the years in Tehachapi where the summers were so nice, until we had to go to Bakersfield for something in the insipid 113 degree heat...ack! How do you keep your goats safe from the mountain lions without an LGD? We had a lion attack a horse in town and kill it. They are so darn aggressive.
    Good luck with the pool. I'd be buying an ocean!

  9. Suz: I love your offer to my "pool" fund. Thanks, but I think that the infinity pool is going to be too much luxury up here. Plan "C" is a redneck wading pool from the thrift store. I may have to settle for this plan.

    Tombstone Livestock: Hope you find another stock tank on Craig's List. I think that's a great idea. Especially using the water afterwards for the garden. Excellent! I'll call you when the pool is ready.

    Brian: It would make for a great party wouldn't it?

    Mary Ann: I'm thinking I might find one at the thrift shop. That's my plan "C".

    Joanne: Learn to swim and I'll have a limo waiting to pick you up.

    Madelyn: You're so sweet. I think I better start playing the lottery.

    Jamie: Sonora... then you know what I'm talking about. Bad heat... BAD.
    I do have air conditioning. Wouldn't live here without it... but I want pool water too. Is that asking too much?

    Petey: It doesn't get up to 104 in eastern Oregon? I'm on my way. Besides I need to meet you and "D" is there too.
    In 16 years, we have never seen a mountain lion on our property. I think any dog is a deterrent against lions if they bark a lot. Activity keeps them at bay, but we know they are around. Both of our neighbors have had lions in their yards, near their houses.
    If a lion kills my last goat standing, Brownie, I will be on a personal vendetta.
    I think it's just a matter of time... or they have moved to another area.
    Is there an ocean for sale somewhere? Right now, I would move... in a heartbeat.

  10. Plan A ... The more elaborate the better...even if it is a dream...
    Your cuz

  11. Its been cold and rainy here, never over 80, maybe 90 a few days. Not bragging, but I want to swim in that darn pool, but it's like ice water now.

    Sending cool wishes your way...


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