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Thursday, March 1, 2012

“"The time has come," the walrus said, "to talk of many things: Of shoes..." ~Lewis Carroll ~

I was asked by many of my followers about the shoes that I posted yesterday. So here is some information on them.
My daughter-in- law bought them for me as a thank you gift for helping out when she was recuperating from her operation.
 No, I didn't need a gift.
Helping my family was enough.
Losing my "transmission" was a bit unsettling, but I survived.
So, Robbin bought them and ... I LOVE THEM!!
Thank you sweetie. They are charming.
They match my decor.
My orthopedic inserts fit into them perfectly.
They are wide enough for my very wide feet and they are so comfortable that I want to wear them all the time.
They have good rubber soles that wrap up around the sides and work well on my non-paved roads and trails.
The Velcro straps are convenient and easy.
The brand is Keen. Here is a link:
I'm going downtown to see a friend later. I'm going to help her get out of her wheel chair and start walking. She has her doctor's permission to start standing on her feet again.
This is huge, because she has had a time of it since she slipped on her icy  balcony and fell.
She is doing really well. I'm so proud of her. She never let this get her down. 
I will wear my new shoes and visit her in style.

By the way...Have you seen the latest issue of Where Women Create? I love this magazine.
 There is an article on Magnolia Pearl's Airstream Trailer. OMG! It's so over the top beautiful.
And... usually,  most of the articles are about younger women that have all kinds of energy and I want to say
Enough already. Where are the older talented creative women... and how about some men once in a while."
Well guess what? They must have heard me.
There are two articles this month about... you guessed it...
 A lady named Fay Wood who lives in an old church and makes amazing art. She has been an artist since the 60's.
There is also an article about a MAN, Ryne Hazen, who lives in Utah and is a photographer.
Check it out. They may have to change their magazine's title. Yes!


  1. You are stylin' now in those pretty new floral shoes; a very thoughtful gift. Hey, I wonder if the gal who lives in the church has a blog.

  2. Thank for the information on the shoes. I found a few department stores that carry them here. I definitely will check them out.

  3. Now I have shoe envy, something I don't often suffer from. They are simply terrific! I hope you enjoy your outings in them!

  4. sorry i am late...the word verification does not show up on old versions of IE...so i could not comment...

    as i said yesterday, i absolutely love your shoes...all the color...very cool...i def have shoe envy as well...ha

  5. I love your new shoes! Thank you for the link...I will definitely have to look for some new shoes. Keen is a really good brand. I've never noticed that magazine and will definitely check it out too.

  6. Uh Oh...I may be in trouble now that I know I can find a pair of shoes like yours! And they're Keen!! My favorite walking shoes are a pair of Keens I bought to walk around Ireland in....best shoes ever! I don't know if we can get that magazine here but I'll have to check out some of the big book stores to see...looks so inspiring...thanks Connie

  7. Love the shoes. They look comfortable and quite stylish. Your daughter-in-law was very sweet on buying them for you. Hope your friend will get along with her walking. Nice of you to help her. Have a blessed day. I just got home from visiting my husband in the hospital the put him in the ICU yesterday after he had trouble breathing. The doctor said he has fluid around his heart. Please enclude him in our prayer. Thank you. Madeline

  8. It was nice of your daughter-in-law to buy the spectular shoes for you. They look very comfortable. Hope your friend will get to walking good very soon. I just got home from the hospital. The doctor put my husband in ICU after he had trouble breathing during his blood transfusion yesterday. They said he had fluid built up around his heart. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers. Thank you. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  9. You are a true Artsy Fartsy gal now! Heh!


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