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Monday, January 23, 2012

Sons, Rivers and... lost dreams of the Super Bowl.

Our son came up to visit this weekend. "M" lives in Oakland, down in the Bay Area. We loved having him come up even for a couple of days.
I made some beef stew.
And baked a pie.
It should have been a cherry pie (our son's favorite), but cherries were a little out of season so I used  frozen mixed berries. It turned out fine and no one turned their noses up at it.
On Sunday "M" took us out to breakfast (a real treat) and we showed him some of the local changes that were in progress..
We try to impress our grown children with the new advancements in our small town. We try to find entertaining possibilities to brag about. Well, Tractor Supply Company is coming to town.
Hey, we live in a town where construction of anything is an exciting event. They had to rearrange a creek to do this. The Prospector has been wanting to take his gold pan down there and check out the piles of dirt that are being moved around. The signs say "no trespassing". That hasn't stopped him before. Gold Fever is a dormant, itchy illness that never goes away.I have to keep an eye on him for outbreaks.
I don't think "M" was that impressed with the possibilities of this new store as we were, but he was polite about it. He asked us if there were that many folks that needed "tractor" supplies in the area.
We told him it was more than just tractor supplies. It would be a comprehensive farm supply store. This store would offer a lot more than tractor parts. We laughed at our excitement over another farm store coming to town.
"M" and his dad were joking about our level of expectation over a new store in town and I thought about how far we had come from the years of living in the suburbs and how our expectations had change.
I can remember when they covered the small, outdoor "MALL" in the town where we raised our boys. It was a big deal. They expanded Sears and brought in Gottchalks. It was so exciting. We didn't have to drive to the big mall an hour away anymore. We  were coming up in the world.
Now, when I drive through that town on the way to the Bay Area I see all the stores that I wanted when I lived there... and more. Now, I don't look at all the "choices" as exciting.
I see traffic. I see highways under construction for the hundredth time and chaos in this small town that has grown expeditiously in the 18 years since we left it.
Now, there is everything I wanted... then.
There is even a SEE'S Candy store. I could have really used one of those back in the day.
So, we choose to move even further up into the boonies and now we get excited about the new Tractor Supply store that's being built. How far we've come... backwards.

We decided that we better take "M" to the RIVER. So we drove south out of town and, even though rain was threatening, we thought that a walk across the Clinton Bridge at Middle Bar would be the one beautiful place to share with our son. It was.
This river, the great Mokelumne, always impresses. It makes all other man-made achievements pale in comparison.
The old Clinton Bridge at Middle Bar is being threatened by folks who want to make a bigger damn,

...but we have some dedicated people who are fighting this tooth and nail.
This bridge and the surrounding area will all be under water if some people have their way. The expansion of the Pardee reservoir would cover one of the most beautiful parts of California's river system.
We joke about having water front property without moving from our mountain top, but the reality is that it could happen and all of this would be gone forever.
"M" was much more impressed with this whole scenario than with the building of a new store in town.
We took a walk across the bridge.
And he discovered a walking trail on the other side of the river. He does a lot of jogging and running in the hills of Oakland so this was new and interesting territory for him.  I'm sure he will be back to run the trails here.
The river worked its magic and we could feel its spirit flowing beneath us.
 This rain will bring more water to fill the reservoirs "up river" and then the water will rise and cover the gravel beds and bedrock that show themselves this time of the year.
I have bonded with this river. The Mokelumne is now my "bedrock". I feel more alive and HOME here than any place  I have ever lived.

"M" left last night after supper. We will miss him. Come back soon, son.

We watched the sad game between the 49er's and the NY Giants.
Oh, well. Not everything can be perfect.
They tried.  They were tied. They went into overtime. They lost.
Damn! Now the Super Bowl belongs to the East Coast.
Maybe next year....


  1. Sounds like a most fine weekend you shared with your son.I always wish we had more time with our oldest who lives about 3 hours from us.I would love a Tractor Supply store. We live in a small town with little shopping choices.

  2. dang i was rooting for the 49ers...what an ending...heartbreaking...dinner looks good...we like the tractor store, they have chicks to go look at around easter...smiles.

  3. my hubby is very happy, he told me I can't wear my 49er sweatshirt either.

  4. lovely weekend for sure... we have tractor supply in augusta... along with what seems like 500 other of the same kind of store...
    i think the city is just about too close to us... except for when moms taxi is in service then its way too spread out.

  5. Looks like ya'll had the perfect weekend and honey...your pie look fabulous!!!!

    God bless ya and have a terrific day sweetie!!! :o)

  6. As you probably know we had a tornado that came pretty close to where we live. It hit at night. we had no damage lost power for a while and had no cable or inter-net for 2 days. We had to travel to Bookwood Hospital today and got to see the damage it did. I really like your post. The pictures are great. I am asking for your prayers for all those who lost homes and loved ones and for my husband who is going through a pretty rough time with his health right now. Thank you and have a blessed evening.

  7. We used to live in a beautiful little town at the top of the mountain...every step towards urbanization grieved us...now its a city...with Starbucks, Kmart, traffic, traffic lights, and no more farms or farm animals. So sad. Yet, the ugly desert not far from the town remains as it has always been...ugly.
    So glad we are now here, hours from civilization! :)

  8. Forget gold fever, I have pie fever now. Been wanting to make an apple one the past week. Hubs ate the apples up before I got around to it :)

    I love rivers, and I love and miss my son too.

  9. Sure is a beautiful "backyard" you have...

    Tractor Supply? One of my favorite stores and I can be there in 5 mins from here. They have everything!

    I'm with you on our age just seeing more traffic and congestion. I don't like it so I occasionally drive through the untouched areas. Getting hard to find :(

    Glad you had a wonderful weekend with your son!

  10. Small towns are great Farmlady & you are fortunate to live where you do-rattlesnakes & all I guess, those I could NOT live with!


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