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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

I'm a Little Busy...

There's a cat on my guest bed...
Her name is Lucky. She is my oldest son's cat. My son went camping for a week and, as every summer for a few years, I take care of her. She needs special meds morning and night. She's old and very sweet.
The dogs know that there is someone in the extra room because they aren't allowed in there. So .... they pick on each other.
It's all in fun. I think. Carl is very frustrated with not being able to come and go, in HIS house, as he pleases. It's bad enough that there's a cat outside but now there's one IN THE HOUSE and he's worried that they may be multiplying.
Remember my friend, in town, who lives in the beautiful Victorian?
Mom to Kansas.
and Twister...
Well... she's having a YARD SALE  this Friday and Saturday. Myself and a few others are included. It's a big one and if you're anywhere near Jackson please stop by. We have all kinds of goodies; Antiques, books, garden things, clothing, furniture, household goods, linens, Christmas items and more. Her whole parking area is filled with great and wonderful things that are waiting for someone to take them home.
It's a beautiful place and we are ready to make you a deal.
It's a rare chance to buy something wonderful and met Farmlady. I may even wear shoes and some makeup.
Got to go... I have more things to take over to the sale.
See you there on the weekend...


  1. Sweet kitty :-). Wish I could come to the sale!

  2. OH MAN!!! You know I'd be there if I could farmlady!!!!! Dang, darn, dang!!!! I hope you have a great time and people get to find treasures to bring home with them!

  3. well it might take me a while to get there...smiles. cute cats...we are thinking of getting a kitten as our cat is like 13 now and not moving around very well any more...

  4. Awwwwwwwwww! Lucky looks like she misses her 'daddy'! She's just looking out the window, waiting for him to come home. How lucky for her that she gets to stay with you when dad goes away in the summer!

    I sure wish I lived nearby and could come to your yard sale. It sounds wonderful!

  5. How I wish I lived near you. I would love to come to your yard sale. I too am getting ready to have a yard sale pricing items making signs etc. We are going to wait till school starts which will be in a week or so. Have a blessed day and good luck with your yard sale. The pictures are great. Madelline

  6. Please send me a list of EVERY ITEM you have for sale and I will tell you which items I wish to purchase. Is your Christmas rabbit for sale? Are any of your rabbits for sale? Are there any goat-theme items for sale? Any charms? ~Dawn

  7. P.S. Are Kansas and Twister for sale? They are just too adorable. I showed their pictures to Ms. Mugs and she said she would like to have them for playpals. She's a cat-luvin' dog!

  8. yu'd put makeup on for us?
    that might be worth the trip
    I love those kittens....
    and Lucky...is lucky to have a grandma like you

  9. Oh don't I WISH I would see you there this weekend Farmlady..........

  10. Have fun kitty-sitting...and sell lots of stuff!


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