Spring has returned. The Earth is like a child that knows poems. ~Rainer Maria Rilke

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Do you ever have a day like this?

I knew when I woke up, yesterday, that it was going to be one of those days. I ate white bread for breakfast. I was cranky.  I felt fat...
So what did my lame and misguided ego do?
 It made lemon bars. I had no shame. I made them and I ate them before they even cooled off.
Did the Vinca stop growing through the rocks? No.

Did my body image improve ? I don't think so...
Did I find solace in "Nineteen ways to clear the clutter for good"?
Or, in the cute card that I bought to make someone else feel good?
Not really...
Did I feel like this all day? Pretty much...
Did anyone care?

Have you ever done this?
Does any of it make sense?
Did I eat half of those lemon bars without even taking them out of the cake pan?....
Yes, I did.

Do I feel better today?...... kind of.
But, I'm not looking into another mirror or weighing myself until that little black beetle
turns around and says,
 "Get a grip girl. Life is ups and downs... and sometimes, when you least expect it, someone is not careful about where they are stepping,  and it's all over with. So... LIGHTEN UP!....and thanks for watching where you walk."
Not likely you say?
Then I think I'll have another lemon bar......


  1. Ah yes, days like that do seem to be making the circuit these days, don't they? And sometimes they will gang up on you and come in multiples! ;) It seems as though no one cares, which is exactly why some glorious soul invented lemon bars...have at it!!!! LOVE the card, too!!! Hang in there. ;)

  2. oh my goodness! you are not alone..... :-)

  3. Connie, I'm still trying to lose the weight I gained over Christmas~
    oh hell, pass the lemon bars.....

  4. I have had a bad day as well, but not the same as yours. I have been up most of the night due to storms. No power until around 2pm this evening.

  5. yep, been there, done that...pass the lemon bars! Hugs and love to you sweet friend, I hope this day fills your heart with love and a song...take care.

  6. Connie---It seems that I (we) all seem to turn to food for solace. I can do it for the most ridiculous reasons...the power is out, it's cold outside, I'm bored, I'm cranky, I'm excited about something, I'm happy about something. Hell...almost any reason (good OR bad) will send me to food. Now...if I could just fall asleep tonight. It is after midnight and I'm afraid that the phone might ring at any moment to tell me of the "labor pains" and long drive down to UCD. And, if I don't get some rest before I get that phone call, I might just have to go eat something because I'll be so tired I'll need some energy! :)

  7. Please pass the lemon bars...

  8. Oh Yeah! Going to the city for retail therepy today for many of the same reasons! Will try to avoid trying on pants...ugh! p.s if I ever find another sink, your names on it...no shipping won't cost hardly a dime!!!heheheheh...

  9. mine...cold striped susan cookies and cold almond hershey bars...yes I said bars
    and I also do retail therapy too
    tomorrow is a new day

  10. Yesterday, it was half a home -rhubarb pie for me. What is it about food that becomes our favorite self-destructive weapon? Today is a new day.

    I enjoyed reading your blog.


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