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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Getting Rid of the Lawn and a lot of Corgi Attitude

The old lawn area redo is coming along. The Prospector is working so hard on this. He is a perfectionist and always does everything with great effort and precision. This job has been more of a supervisory position for me, this time. I'm giving credit where credit is due and that would be to the man that I live with.
He's amazing. At 66 yrs of age the only thing that slows him down is his left knee. He has had one replacement on the right knee and will need another one soon... but so far he is doing well with one of those miracle injections that keep the old knee joint moving with less pain.
He took the day off today because he has a meeting tonight. The top soil is in the planters and waiting for some planting mix and compost. After that the old lawn will be scraped off and then, after laying some weed cloth, we will cover the area with pea gravel. Then I get to do the gardening in the flower beds and do some wine barrel planting.
Everything that goes into these planting beds will be drought tolerant and on a drip system so the water use should be lessened considerably.  Any ideas??
I'm not sure what the Corgi pups are going to think about not having a lawn any more. They have loved the lawn. They play on it, sit on it and .... shoot, I'm going to miss the lawn. Who am I kidding. But, I won't miss worrying about the water and the gophers and the roots from the trees that have plagued the lawn from the first year that we planted it.
Carl seems to have decided that this new dirt area is his new domain and he's already playing KING OF THE HILL with Cutter.
"Just try to get in here, Cutter. I dare you.", he says.
Then there is a stand off with lots of eye contact and then.... Cutter starts circling the planter, faster and faster, until he takes a flying leap into the dirt on top of Carl.
This went on all day yesterday. I may need a fence here. I can see the paw prints on the wall.
Look at Carl. He thinks he owns the place already. I've got news for him.
You are going to move your little Corgi butt, Carl. This is not your garden, you sly dog. It's Farmlady's  and the larger person will win out.

I'm leaving for a long weekend with my sister and cousin. We are going to Susanville tomorrow for my uncle's 90th Birthday party this weekend.
See you on Tuesday. Have a nice weekend.


  1. Your husband is doing a great job on the lawn redoing project. I know you will enjoy it when it is done and no worries about watering. Have a safe and enjoyable trip to celebrate your uncle's 90th birthday. Have a blessed evening. Madeline

  2. all of your animals seem to have quite an attitude!! haha, I guess they just love giving you a hard time...
    travel safe and have fun! Happy Birthday to your uncle.

  3. How's about a big lavender bed? The bees love it and it's heat loving and drought tolerant AND it smells good AND you can use the flowers. Those pups are just like two little boys up to no good! tsk tsk tsk!

  4. Susanville! Now I'm going to have to visit that place!
    I love your new space..as do the boys of fur
    they sure are acting like little rascals
    Stinks getting older with all the aches and pains...but hooray for hubby for staying "young"
    have a fun time.....love your iron fencing and your view

  5. Hope you have a great time in Susanville.
    The words "Corgi attitude" brought a big smile to my face; couldn't help myself.
    Your third photo in this post is absolutely beautiful!

  6. I think that I would like to live near a small quaint town, Farmlady, you seem to enjoy it.
    You are blessed that the Prospector enjoys this work, my DH hates it & I have to twist arms to get help! At nearly 69 nothing slows him down either, he still skis every chance he gets!
    Have a fun weekend I'll be sewing & celebrating young Matthew's second birthday.

  7. Ha! You think you're going to win that one huh? Well, the kids have something else in mind! Too funny. HOpe your travels were wonderful, I hope to hit 90, hope we all do! Thanks for stopping by Connie, so great to hear from you. I'll have to post pics of my new threads, everyone wants to see them. Those Pearl clothes are too much fun, and EVERYONE wears them girl! You just need to be selective as to what styles, but I love them, feel so romantic. Take care, lots of hugs, Riki

  8. I had a Corgi named Annie and she loved the soft dirt where the roses were planted. If we lost anything from the house, an excavation in the soft dirt usually revealed it (like the watch after she'd chewed up the leather watch band). She also pulled up the rose bushes and left them for me on the porch. Those buds made such good "handles" for her to pull them out of the ground. Not that your little angels would do that, of course . . .


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