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Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Buzz Word is Busy.

This has been two very full days. Yesterday I cleaned the house because we hosted the goat meeting here today. Now this may sound like a simple statement: "I cleaned the house.", but as I get older it has become a big deal. Cleaning this  little house has become an act of effort and love.  Kind of like getting ready for a holiday dinner only a bit easier because I didn't have to make the whole meal.  This morning  I made a chicken, broccoli, lemon casserole and  bought some good french bread. We set out some wine and lots of cold drinks. The rest came  from all my goat club friends. Lots of great salads. One with (what else) goat cheese and Brownies for dessert.
It was really a good meeting and some of them stayed for quite a while afterward just to talk. The weather was wonderful. The Corgi boys were perfect little gentleman.  Everyone followed the directions we sent out and found our house without any problems. No one got out of their cars shaking and scared to death. It has happen before. We live where most people have not gone before but these are goat people after all. They're resilient and resourceful. I wrote on the directions to "Think like a goat" when coming up to our house. They did. I'm so proud of them all.
  We don't get much company. I'm kind of people deprived out here. The Prospector is even less of a social butterfly than I am, so we really fussed about all kinds of things before the meeting.... like parking,  having enough chairs, where to put the dog faced boys and how to cover the small area of the wall to wall carpet that the pups decided to eat for lunch a while back. After all of our anxious concern, no one noticed the chewed rug or anything we had worried about. They loved our home and were happy to be here. Sometimes we worry so much about appearances that we forget about the enjoyment of having people visit. It was a really good day.
I haven't tried to access my photos for a blog post for two days. As you know, I had a moment on Thursday when I got upset with Picasa, my photo storage program. I'm going to post one photo of my name tag that I made at our gourd meeting on Thursday and see if it will find my blog post. If it does, tomorrow I will continue the story of my Uncle's birthday.
Here goes....
YES! It's working. TA DA! The gods of the WWWeb are shinning down on me this evening. (Now you know Farmlady's really name.)  But, alas, I'm finding myself a bit fatigued from all the festivities of the day.... so the rest of the Susanville story will have to wait until tomorrow.


  1. It's so nice to have a get together - good friends, good food :) Glad everyone found their way!
    Congrats on the photo upload success. Gotta love technology!

  2. That's a great story, with a good point. Having a home is for having friends and family enjoy it. You know we didn't used to worry so much about having everything look just right. Mavbe it's magazines?
    I think your "think like a goat," is hilarious. My friend at "paint splashes" has some beautiful new goat babies and she wants ideas for names. go by and give them a look. You can click from my side bar.
    I LOVE your name tag!!! I was thinking about those awful sticky note things. That's a name tag to wear proudly. How about a tutorial on that?

  3. coolness and i so understand about getting the house looking right and mike is as anti social as they come but he is great abotu helping when there are people coming over (rare thing) in the end they always comment on how nice and comfy things are... and never notice the things I do. :) glad you all had a wonderful time!

  4. I try to invite company over at least once a month.

    That way I HAVE to clean my house...


    Glad you got your mojo back!

  5. I'm so glad you had a good time and enjoyed the company. We sure don't have people over enough either...hubs schedule and social anxiety make it very difficult to have anyone but family over and then again some of the family is...well, you know!
    I've decided that the older I get the harder everything else gets! take care...

  6. Wow I think this whole afffair has made you younger...you sound younger....
    think like a goat...hee he
    how far up are you?
    and do you eat paper

  7. It was so nice to hear that others stress about having guests. I get hyper-critical of everything I own when we're going to entertain. Worry about things that nobody really cares about... like today I was using the lint brush on my lampshades before the guy who's going to remodel our bathroom came over; and he never even noticed!

  8. Glad all your goat people made it to your house and that you all had a good time. Your name tag is fabulous Connie, I love it, so glad you were able to post it. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  9. I am sure that your friends enjoyed their visit with you and your generous hospitality. Your casserole sounds yummy! And traveling to your country home would be a fun adventure I would think especially this time of year with wild flowers and green mountains to feast on. Rest up my friend.

  10. Glad you didn't fret too much and everyone had a good time! I never have people over. I made such a mess on my remodeling project (unfinished) that I'm getting embarrassed. David's friends are all used to it!

    Goat people sound wonderful..you are!!


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