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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Cutter Talks About Christmas and Other Things....

Hi, It's Cutter here....

Merry Christmas! This is my first holiday dog post in my new "good" home. I'm a year old now and everything has been really great.... until Farmlady got sick. See these bags under my eyes. This is because I have to monitor all her activities. 
At first it was fine because she was really sick and when she took her medicine all she did was sleep. Now she's feeling better and look at this mess....
She sits at the dining table almost all day and makes Christmas cards and other stuff. There's glue and glitter everywhere. Glitter doesn't even taste good.
She took these pictures of cards that she made yesterday.... for some of her friends. I don't see one with my name on it. I have been trying to clean up after her and all I get is maybe a biscuit and a "Don't touch that, Cutter!". She makes a mess and then goes over to the couch and practices her knitting. She says this is called Ribbing. It looks like something good to chew on.... to me.
She gets all excited about this knitting. I've never seen her like something so much except when she takes Carl and I for a walk or when she's making cookies or cheese. By the way....walking has been slim lately and today it's all wet outside. I don't like this wet stuff. I just sit on the porch and watch for the cat, so I can bark at her. She must not like wet stuff either because I don't see her when it's wet out there.
Yesterday, Farmlady made something long with ribbons that I kept trying to grab. It has pictures on it  and more glitter. She says it's about "memories" of a trip to a place called Montana. She called it a GARLAND.
 She told me that if I grabbed any of this she would put me on the porch for a while. It was all laid out on the ironing board and hanging over the edge... I just wanted to grab the sparkley thing on the end. Just because she's sick she doesn't have to be cranky. 
The cards are nice. They have more sparkely stuff on them.
 Farmlady seemed happy with them. She smiled at me and said she needed to do some more. 
I think that she needs to lay down and rest so I can get in a little shut eye myself....

I let her have my bedroom since she's been sick. I've been sleeping in my crate in the other bedroom were she and the Prospector usually sleep. The coughing was keeping everyone awake so we traded. It's nice. It's a bigger room and because the Prospector sleeps with the window open, I can hear the Coyotes, at night, sometimes.

"Christmas is coming." That's what Farmlady says.... and then she always adds,  "with or without me."
I don't really understand it all but I think it's a good thing. We have a tree... in the house and there are lights outside with different colors. I like this at night. It's not so scary. 
Farmlady has been in the kitchen more again and I heard her tell the Prospector that she's feeling better. She also said that she wishes her two sons would call her. That sounded like a little bit of sadness in her voice so I thought I would say it, here, just in case they are reading this.
I guess that's all I have to say. Carl is sleeping. He can sleep a lot...
He's my uncle, you know. He's two. He can get cranky like Farmlady, but I like him. When I run around him in circles and jump on him, he gives me "the look" and growls a little. I have learned a lot from him. He's my best friend.
  Well, time for lunch and then I think I will go lie down for a while and catch a few....  
Merry Christmas everyone. May you all find  lot's of biscuits in your stockings. 


  1. Cutter, you'd better listen to the farmlady because after all is said and done, She's the Boss! And if you wreck any of those pretty things she's made, you know darn well how cold and wet it can be on the porch! Go bug your uncle instead.

  2. Cutter, you had better behave yourself Santa sees and knows when you have been naughty or nice. Tell your boss, Connie, I am glad she is feeling better, and that her cards are really nice. Hope she gets lots of rest. Madeline

  3. Cutter, your first blog post shows you to be a keen observer, but please do not eat any more glitter. Farmlady is very creative, I can see from the photos here and it is good you are there to take care of her.

  4. Cutter your name should be CUTER :) you are just adorable... Has your mama been keeping the vicks vapor rub on her feet bottoms with some socks on too??? thats really supposed to help stop the cough... I am glad shes feeling better I have missed her.. She makes awfully pretty stuff so you best obey her when she says to leave them along.
    EAR SCRATCHES for you and CARL :)
    hugs for your mama and Merry Christmas to you too!

  5. Dear Cutter,
    Chelsea here. My Mama, Cheryl (Whosyergurl) let me read your post over her shoulder. For only being one year old, you seem like you are pretty smart! I turned two in June. My Mama and I are real close, too. She lets me lay on the floor near her feet when she does her artwork. It makes her very happy.
    Take care of your Mama. I'm glad she is getting better. Pay attention to Carl. I'm sure he can teach you a lot.
    Hugs from snowy Indiana, Chelsea Kabob

  6. Well Cutter..... First I want to introduce myself, I am Jo and I live in Southern Ohio on JD's Mountain where there just happens to be lots of snow right now.

    Sorry to hear about the bags under your eyes, but I am so glad that you are looking out after Farmlady -aka- Ellie Mae. You have to stay on your toes, you know that don't you?? When you least expect it she will be doing too much and telling everyone how much better she is feeling. You have a nice little nap Cutter and know that I appreciate you for all that you do.

  7. hey there Cutter,
    This is Graciella, i'm over here on my mom's computer while she is in the laundry room. She seems to be in there a lot. It must be a good hiding place as no one would ever look for her there.
    I just wanted to say that things look pretty cozy over at your place and I'm glad your mom is feeling better. My ma was sick and had to have surgery but she is feeling better to. In fact I heard her mention getting out the glitter and glue and making some christmas cards too. What is glitter anyway?
    your friend,

  8. Dear Cutter,
    Last night my Mama (Charming Baglady) read me your story. I was glad to hear that you were watching over Farmlady when she got sick because Mama told me how worried she was. Looks like you did a good job helping her get well again. I was glad to hear that glitter doesn’t taste good (so, apparently, I didn’t miss out on anything) because recently I wanted to eat some glitter paint and Mama wouldn’t let me, she said it would make my poop sparkle! I’m still a little tempted; I think that would look pretty in the snow!
    I hope you and Carl have a cool Yule. (Mommy says that was "hip" talk when she was a girl.)
    Love, Mugs

  9. Love your guest blogger and SO happy to know you are feeling better!

  10. Cutter did a fine job blogging and letting us know how you are getting along. He is also a pretty curious pupster and learning a lot from his uncle Carlton and even more by trial and error.

  11. I am so glad to hear you are feeling better, my dear Farmlady! Seems that a sense of humor is reigning, as well! It is absolutely no fun to be sick during the holidays- I've had my share of bronchitis bouts in Dec. Keep those pups healthy and away from the glitter- tell the Prospector to make you some spicy chicken soup, and get ready for Santa to visit you and your loved ones! Wishing you a very Happy Holiday Season and a Merry and Blessed Christmas!!
    hugs, Sue

  12. Cutter? You've done a terrific job keeping and eye on your Mama and I'd give you a treat if I was there. You be sure to tell her I'm glad she's feeling better and that she sure does make some purdy things!! ♥♥♥


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