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Monday, November 15, 2010

The Fun never ends.

I have some new decorating ideas . What do you think?
In the spirit of Simple Living and doing with less, I have condensed the living room and the kitchen into one room. This way we can watch television and eat without getting up or walking . It's a little tight but I think after the initial "getting use to it" period, we will find that we can all live with less sq. footage and our efforts to do this will give us a sense of helping the environment.
Yea! I know. You don't believe this.....but....
I ask you to Google "Tiny Houses" and see what others are doing to live smaller. At least I'm trying.

The truth is that we are having the rugs cleaned today at 1:00 p.m. and everything had to be off this rug so a guy can come out and beat the old rug to death with soap and water, in hopes that he can restore it for another year.
Poor rug is getting old. Each time it gets cleaned I think that this will be the cleaning that will finally destroy the last standing fibers and the whole rug will say "I give." and fall into long shreds of defeat. We never move the piano or the glass front bookcase so the rug under those two pieces is really good but the rest, after 13 years of dogs that "live in", is pretty well depleted.
I keep saying that this will be the last effort. That I won't clean it one more time. I WANT NEW CARPET. Then I think about the incident that precipitated this cleaning event.
Cutter ate something he thought was wonderful outside and promptly came in and decided it wasn't so great. He left it all over the middle of the carpet. Then when it rained last week, he decided that he just couldn't go outside to do his duty. It was just too scary for him out there. And then Carl, my wonder dog, ate the same irresistible "whatever" that Cutter ate and lost it on the rug too.
I have been through this before. Cutter is our 5th dog here. So I shouldn't get so upset. Cleaning up throw-up and other body functions is our middle name around here. Puppies and old dogs don't seem to appreciate my efforts to maintain a lovely house while living on a farm in the middle of nowhere. Thank goodness Brownie hasn't won the "Why can't I sleep in the house?" argument or I'd be cleaning up little round balls of Goat scat to. That's were I draw the line.
I'm thinking that maybe new carpet is not the answer. Maybe I should look into these new laminate  or engineered wood floors. They would be easier to clean and the living room wouldn't look like a map of our odd, obsessive-compulsive desire to live with dogs.
Anyway, the house will be a mess for a few days. I'm not going to have the carpet in the guestroom cleaned. ...
It's the dog's domain this week and where would we put all this stuff. Please don't call and say your in town and need a place to stay. I might be a bit lacking in hospitality....
Somehow, I don't think I'm ever going to achieve a state of "simple living" in this lifetime.


  1. I got rid of my wall to wall carpet and had my husband but in the laminated wood flooring in every room except the kitchen and I already had hardwood floors in the living room. I am so glad I did because it is so easy to keep clean. A damp mop does the job. Have fun getting your carpet cleaned and I hope the dogs will be more careful :). Have a blessed day. Madeline

  2. You are so funny Mrs. C! You have me laughing so hard I just spit out my pumpkin seeds!

  3. So, will I be libel if you choke on a pumpkin seed while reading my blog?
    I'm not sure my insurance covers that sort of thing....

  4. The pleasures of having cuddly loving dogs :)

    I love the tiny houses and I'm getting rid of "stuff" weekly. I could probably live out of 2 rooms. The big one and the bathroom LOL

    BTW...getting ready to knock on your front door!

  5. So good that you can find humor in the situation. I'm not sure I'd be so agreeable ;)

    I wonder what the dogs think about everything being moved around? Silly humans!

  6. I spent about 5 years trying to convince Tom to get rid of our wall to wall..."With a ginormous dog, who's always wet and dirty, it will be so much easier to keep clean!" was my argument. FINALLY we got a laminate floor and truth be told it needs a bit more sweeping than the rug before it, because you can see all of those dust bunnies, BUT way easier to clean mud and guts up!!

  7. Well you did have me there for a minute farmlady!!! hahaha! I LOVE those tiny houses tho! I keep wanting to get one for my mom! If only I could afford it!! Maybe the wood laminate would be the way to go. We had that up north and it was real nice. Yes the dust bunnies do roll but really it's not that bad...nothing a swiffer can't handle!!

  8. I have no doubt that your dogs bring you great joy-the carpets, are just a small price to pay. Cheers to getting your rug cleaned every year!!

    Great post!

  9. I was listening to PBS the other day and the program was about living with less. One of the people that was interviewed was a fellow that was advocating not owning more than 100 things... clothes, computers, knick-knacks, household goods etc. If I could narrow it down that much, me and my two pupsters could live in my pick-up truck. Then I could come, visit and meet your pupsters and the 'boys'... Hmmm... I'll have to think about that concept, lol.


  10. If you keep the chickens in a pen just over the icebox, you might be able to route the eggs directly into the egg holder. Also: don't discorage the dogs from bringing in dirt on their feet--if you get a good enough build-up of it in the carpet, you could grow your gourds indoors! Just trying to help!

  11. Go with a good quality laminate,Farmlady, they are almost indestructible, good for the environment,simple mopping keeps them clean,they always look nice, waaaay less dust & allergens etc etc! And easy enough & fast to install for even the inexperienced.
    The only carpet we have is a tight commercial berber on the stairs. I love my floors!


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