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Friday, September 24, 2010

How they treat a hen in Big Sky country

This is Henny.... She is a "house" hen. She doesn't sleep in the house, mind you, she just comes in for food. In the morning my friend "D" goes out and let Henny and Dwane (the rooster) out of the chicken house. Henny charges out of her beautiful little abode and immediately comes toward the big house. Up the steps she goes and if the door is not open she paces back and forth until "D" opens the door and then ....."here she comes just a walkin' down the street" or what I mean is.... across the floor. She is a chicken on a mission, a hen with purpose.

Henny is an Orpington breed (I think.) with a beautiful Wheaten coat and smarter than the average chicken. She struts into the kitchen and waits while "D" fixes her breakfast. Then with all the elegance a chicken can muster, she eats her special gourmet meal. This morning it was hard boiled egg (probably her own....the ultimate recycle) and some broken pecans, much more to her liking than the egg.

When she had her fill she started for the door. "D" called her and gave her one last, special, hand delivered goodie.... and then....out she went to forage on her own. With a flip of her tale feathers and a few clucks (...could have been "thank you", it's hard to know.) she walked out the front door and into the garden.
It is definitely a hen's life around here.
I, on the other hand, had to get my own breakfast. Hummph! OK, I know. Sometimes you just have to go with the flow. Sometimes you just have to do a little chicken dance and grab the camera instead.
I just hope Henny knows how good she has it. I think she does....

P.S. Please don't tell my hens about this.
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  1. If word gets around at your coop, the rest of them will come knocking!!! Look OUT! LOL!

  2. I have to admit she is a fine looking fowl. Very assured and elegant. Lovely story, I'm so glad you shared it (and the photos)!

  3. LOL...PULEEEZE don't let word get out to my little hens!


  4. Oh boy would my hens be jealous! We've had a few hand raised hens and roosters and it always gives us a thrill to see their character come out...what a sweet post.

  5. What a smart and pretty hen. She knows the hand that feeds her. Great story and photos. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  6. Well, howdy! A newcomer here from over there at Laura's blog. The one with all the madness and mayhem going on LOL

    I LOVE your blog. I love your kitchen, your photos, your new puppy, your life. It feels so peaceful here...

    I'll be back!!
    P.S. How do you do your photos this way?

  7. Oh, I hope you had a glorious time! I love the hen, and how recycling goes over with out a squawk! I love this post, well, I am partial to all of yours and am trying to catch up!


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