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Friday, June 18, 2010

"Awesome" Entertainment

I have a treat for you. I have been introduced to an Australian group called THE AXIS OF AWESOME. and OMG! These guys really are "awesome", and talented.
People ask me why I love the Internet. This is one of the reasons. I don't go to concerts. I'm not that "hip" anymore (maybe I never was) but look at the things you find around the world on the Internet that you might never know about otherwise. These guys are really funny and very good. My friend "C" emailed me this morning and shared the link with me. I watched some of their other videos and all of them made my morning a little happier and put a smile on my face. One called ~ Axis of Awesome on Q & A ~ where they are doing a bit in front of some Australian Officials is the funniest "put down" of government officials I've ever seen and so clever.
These guys can be totally irreverent. They do a "Lets see how far we can push the envelope." song called "What would Jesus Do?" that borders on the "God may punish us for this one." but they keep it likable.. somehow. You don't have to watch this one. (Please, my Christian friends, don't get all irate and stop reading my blog. Be open minded. On second thought... just look at the first video.)  There mock up of death metal is hysterical. As you can see I had a great morning with this. At least just watch the one song on this link. I guarantee you will enjoy it.

My oldest son is coming up for the weekend. He is bring his wonderful cat, Lucky, with him. She's a very sweet cat. She is old and on medication, so she goes where he goes. She will share the guest bedroom with "M" and have her own cat box. She's special.
Carl knows something is up. He and Cutter will be standing guard in the hallway all weekend. I can see it now.
 Have a good weekend. Got to go and bake something....


  1. I did enjoy the songs and I did not get offened by the song what would Jesus do. They are good. Enjoy your visit with your son. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  2. They are hilarious! Thanks for the link. My son enjoyed watching as well.

  3. Good stuff... and I had a ball going through all the videos! I didn't find any of it offensive at all, and I'm a "believer".

    I hope you have a great visit with your son... and Lucky too! Pics of Carl and Cutter's reactions would be a hoot!

  4. Loved it girl! I went as far as watching their others- good smile to start my morning! Enjoy your son and the cat!

  5. Oh yeah! We all need a good shot of cynicism...great trio...thanks for that.


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