Spring has returned. The Earth is like a child that knows poems. ~Rainer Maria Rilke

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Reflections in the Puddles of My Mind.

I woke up this morning and it was raining. Not the heavy sound of a deluge, as it was last night.., but a quiet, windless rain that comes in a serious manner and brings substance with it. I like this kind of rain. It's almost like snow only it can still be heard. It's the rain that fills our reservoirs and rivers. The intrinsic flow of life that makes this land more livable for us, and the wildlife, in the hot, dry days of summer.

I ate my favorite breakfast and took some pictures inside the house...
I had to deal with a cranky, couped up Corgi that has a wild look and a "puppy worm" in him. I let him out, at one point, and he sat on the porch looking at the rain. Then he wanted in. I think that even the dogs are tired of the gloomy days. I figure that as long as we have a few beautiful days of sunshine in between the days of rain that we are fine.
California is so wonderful in the Winter.., at least here, where we live. It's never the same weather for days on end and you never know what you're going to wake up to every morning. Carl will just have to deal with the inactivity. This afternoon the sun is suppose to shine. Then he can run through the garden at top speed and bark at the goats..., who, by the way, are in their house complaining again.., especially Brownie.

So I went to the computer and I'm writing this post about very little... as you can tell.

One very good thing...
My friend, "C", is suppose to come home today. Her daughter said that her knee is doing really well and that she seems in good spirits. She was sipping broth when I called. A good clear soup and Morphine are always a good combination. Maybe she needs Carl by her side, on the bed, to give her a warm cuddle too. On the other hand, the pupster would probably be barking at everyone in the hospital ..,so maybe that's not such a good idea.

OK, I need to give this post some redeeming value. One of the Blogs I follow is called Beyond Vagabond. The author is a modern day gypsy who has a very interesting attitude toward life and I love reading what she has to say. Her motto is "All who wander are not lost". That's a Tolkien quote. Take a look at her post today. These wagons make my heart beat faster. My desires for simplicity, beauty and sometimes wanderlust , prompted my comment:
"Oh to live and travel in one of these wagons for a while..., I would herd sheep, heat my own water and do without the trappings of our materialistic lives to live in one . That first wagon is a work of art. I suppose they are terribly expensive and then you need horses..."

I feel , inside, like I would love this solitary life, on a vast expanses of land, in the middle of a thousand sheep, or goats. There is a part of me that longs for a life of complete autonomy and NO "luggage", but I think it is an idea that looks more appealing in theory that in reality. Oh well.., just some thoughts on a rainy morning..., reflections in the puddles of my mind.
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  1. Nice to see Carl in one of your photos!!!

  2. The sun did indeed come out this afternoon. Wasn't it lovely out? I know we need the rain but I'm beginning to feel like I'm back in SE Alaska. I need some sun. I hear we are going to get a little break this weekend. I will enjoy every second of it. Your favorite breakfast looks delicious.

  3. Your photos are beautiful - and so are your words. :-)

  4. What a wonderful post. I did go visit your friends blog and the wagons are beautiful they do make you want to just get up and go. We are having another cold, cloudy day here they are saying maybe a little snow come Friday, we will see. I am ready for spring but God knows best what we need, rain, snow or a little sunshine. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  5. ok whats that on your toast i am hungry and it looks good... Love carl hope he gets out to run and play soon! ear scratches :)

  6. Where we live is a lot like your weather too except more rain and grey than where you are...do your goats absolutley hate the rain too? If ours are in the field when it starts raining, they come running up with their heads bowed down like the sky is falling!Thanks for the link to the gypsy girl...I have that same Tolkien quote tagging my emails...love it...

  7. Love the title. Strange how the weather works, one day spring is springing the next the steady drumming of the rain. I love the rain, we never get enough in AZ.

  8. I am glad to hear that your friend is doing well. I think the idea of sending the Pupster to help with her recovery is an excellent idea. That my friend Is what I believe to be a cure all for just about anything that ails a person. A cup of tea and a furry little critter to cuddle with you and give you puppy kisses.

  9. Good to see you here and on FB :) I believe you have the spirit in you to be a vagabond. I just sense it. Of course you'd have to take along all your animal buddies LOL and that wouldn't work so well. When I lived in CA LONG ago, I loved the weather. Mostly it was good and I loved it out there. Carl is so cute! You are very blessed, my dear xoxoxo


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