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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

What was it?

I received lots of guesses about this furry white critter in the picture above. Most were what I would have guessed if I hadn't seen him for myself..., but one person made the right guess and wins the surprise gift.

This is a Potbelly Pig named, what else, "Piggy". Its a rescue pig that ended up at Jane's farm because of her ~kind heart~ policy and not being able to say "No" to... "You've got room, what's one more?".
He's kind of scary. He's got a face only a mother would love. But Jane says that he/she( I forgot to ask) is very gentle and that baby goats will play with him and he never gets upset. I ,personally, would not want to get too close to those tusks, but I've never been around pigs so I'm really no judge.

So, back to the "What is it" contest. SANDY at SPRING LAKE FARM in Athens, Georgia won the prize. She is the ONLY person who guessed..."It's a pig! A white, furry cuddly pig."
Congratulations Sandy!!
Please send me your address and I will send you something very special.

Look at you, little pig....
My goodness. You could make a Rattler run the other direction, but you came over to greet me with a snort and I think you had a smile on your face. It was nice to meet you. Hope I can visit you again sometime.
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  1. Now that was interesting,I do not recall seeing a white one before.

  2. Oink Oink Farm Lady! I should have listened to my 12 year old daughter who said it was a pig! Oink Oink! I told her that no it couldn't be a pig because the neighbor's pigs don't have hair that sticks up like that!

    Congratulations to the winner!


  3. OMG!!! I didn't know pot belly pigs come in white! I soooooo want one of my own if I can have a white one!

  4. Oh where have I been farmlady? Sorry I missed the post, but I never would have guess that was Piggy!! He/she reminds me a lot of Daisy Lu with the tooth sticking out tho and I love Daisy so I know Piggy must be lovable too! The goats are SO cute!!
    The Spider Geocache below is SCARY!! Hahahaha! I don't blame you one bit for not playing in snake weather!!

  5. Congratulations to the winner. This was a surprise. I never knew pot belly pigs had fur like that. Have a great day. Madeline

  6. Piggys need love too, even if they are ugly ones. That sounds like a very lucky pig! xo, suzy

  7. I have not seen a white one, but still think they rather cute.

  8. I'm so glad I didn't guess!! I would have been soooo wrong...

  9. What an amazing pig! We had the tusks trimmed on our pet pig - they never got that long! I had to enlarge the picture to see if that was indeed a tusk! ZOWIE!

  10. Do not ever ask my son how he feels about Pot Belly Pigs...no no no...one bite a chunk out of his thigh on a farm when he was seven, I had to run up a hill and carry him almost a mile to the house, so we could get him into a doctor...rare I know, but the man should have told us she just had her babies taken away and was in a foul mood that morning...did I say females get foul now and then :)

    Cut Pig in my opinion...

    I need to hook you up with this other blog I started following, she is trying to raise 'organic' goats, if that even exists, but some of them are getting sick...

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  12. Oh man, I would have guessed burro! What a sweet pig. I'm glad he has been accepted into goat society.

  13. How did I miss this post!!!! I almost never win anything so I'm very excited. Great photos and I love the rustic signs in the first post!

    Thanks, Farmlady!



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