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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Why I love the man I live with and other honest confessions

I only showed you a small part of something yesterday. You only saw the results of one beautiful piece of furniture, looking great, in it's new home. Many of you commented about my remarkable husband and how patient he was about all of this. Well, now you're going to think he's a "Saint" because now I will show you all the other things that he hauled home for me yesterday. It was a load. All the rest of my obsession/possessions are sitting in the garage ,now, saying...," OK lady. We're here and you are going to have to get rid of something in this house before we can be moved in. Get busy."
It wasn't just the bookcase/desk that he lugged back up to our little house. It was a buffet, a 9x12 Karastan Carpet, a painted bookcase, an old mirror, some vases and an antique wall clock. .., and the blue and white vase that is going to my good friend, C, in Sacramento.
The car has lost it's covered parking place for a while.
Look at these things. Would you have left them for the Goodwill guys to pick up? I rest my case.
And..., just guess what this is. It's the top part of the buffet. I have had it for years. I was refinishing it to reattach it (someday) to it's beautiful buffet that Mom was going to give me..., SOMEDAY. Well, someday has arrived and do I have this top finished and ready to reattach to the bottom part? No. Do I have some work ahead of me? Is our cat, Annibel, sleeping on the new rug..., that she thinks we put on the garage floor for her? Is there room in the house for any of this? Agggggg....
And..., to make matters worse, I have another unfinished piece of business sitting in the corner of the garage. ( I'm showing you a lot of dirty little secrets today. I think I'm heading for a huge reality check). Bought this two years ago, sanded it and there it sits, gathering dust, surrounded by more projects and tripping me every time I walk through the back door of the garage.
I confess..., I'm not the perfect housekeeper, gardener, guru of living in the country that my Blog makes me out to be. I procrastinate. I'm awful about finishing projects and ...., I'm human.

There. I said it. Now, what am I going to do about all this?..., I'm not sure. I need some serious help. I guess the Prospector knew that I would come to this realization all by myself. He didn't have to say anything. I think I'll keep him around for another 40 years.

Now.., excuse me while I go have a small breakdown.
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  1. you'll be ok, your prospector loves you and all that stuff is great stuff!! It'll come to you where to put it.

  2. and the truth shall be told!! You are too funny...lots of projects there, even too much for me and I'm a HUGE procrastinator!

  3. Connie you are just human and as such its only natural you would want to keep as much as you could from your Mom and Dads house.
    I went through this just 3 years ago. My folks lived a 1000 miles away so there wasn't much room to bring stuff home with me. Right now I have so been wishing I had spent more time going thru pictures and keeping much more than I did as my sister(that lives there) and I don't get along. Don't figure I will ever get any more of them.
    So hang in there,you will find a way to keep it all!

  4. Connie, my friend, its going to be a busy fall and winter at a certain goat farm in Jackson.


  5. Oh no you have shattered my image of you! You really had me fooled,lol.
    I could NOT have left those things behind either-does your son have room for a couple of wee things??
    Looks like you have a busy winter ahead fixing all of these treasures.

  6. I think you have a lot of work to do! You can join in my GET R DONE FRIDAY meme, you know, and quit procrastinating! I started the meme in order to get my unfinished projects done, and it has been working so far. When you know you need to get something completed for Friday, or at least get a start on working towards that end, it is motivation...Believe me! I think I started with a simple 'redecorating project' that turned into a little more than that when my hubby decided to take out the pink tile flooring...it looks great. Next was a base to set our corn burner on in the living room area...the rest of the projects I posted about were easier, but they did get done! Good luck in all your busy work!

  7. Connie I know you will get all your projects finished and will find a place for them in your home. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  8. Let everything settle in and they'll find their own spots soon enough. I think you'd have been crazy to LEAVE it all behind!


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