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Monday, July 13, 2009

Wine, Art, Music and Birthday Cake

Friday night I packed up my gourds and met a friend in Amador City. This is , as I have said before, my favorite little town on Highway 49 in the Mother Lode. They were having a celebration of Wine, Art and Music Friday evening and for the second year in a row, we sold gourd art on the main street. Christy( a fellow gourd club member) and I set up a table at about 4;30 p.m. and introduced ourselves to the people next to us from Drytown Winery. Then, about 5:00 folks started arriving and the music began to play. The weather was beautiful. We have had a mild summer so far (knock on wood) and there was NO SMOKE like last year, when we had such awful fires in the area.

Everyone had a great time and we sold some gourds; the wine flowed and the music was wonderful. This festival personifies the Mother Lode, Foothill , laid back kind of feeling that drew us to this area 13 years ago. Lovely town, nice people and respect for the budding wine industry that can hold it's own against all the big wine areas in California. Lots of artist were represented and the wine tasting, as always, was a great success.

Yesterday the Prospector, the Pupster and I went to Stockton to celebrate my mother-in-law's birthday. She's 88 yrs old and doing very well. We had a bar-b-que lunch and her brother came up from southern California to help her celebrate. I think that grandma Vi had a good time. This woman has always been wonderful to me and welcomed me into their family, 44 years ago, with open arms and respect. She deserved this nice day.

Today is going to be a lot warmer. I went out early and watered the garden. Now, I need to pick some basilico, cook some beets and clean the house before I curl up into a little ball and take a nap this afternoon. I love being retired but I don't know what happen to my energy level. I get up and feel like I can lick the world and then, by lunch, that energy is gone with the afternoon winds. C,est la vie....
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  1. I've decided that naps are a nice thing that I never allowed myself until the last few years. I think when we worked we had all the outside stimulus to keep the energy level up. We would work, come home and tend to what we had or wanted to do and then stopped to smell the roses. Now we have allowed ourselves to smell them any time of the day and we are catching up on all the sleep we didn't get when we were younger.

    What a beautiful lady Grandma Vi is and her hair is gorgeous. Happy Birthday, Prospector's Mom!

    I'm envious of your Wine, Art and Music Celebration and your mild weather. It's supposed to go to 106 here today.

  2. What a great post. Clicked on the pictures so I could see them close up, beautiful. If the good Lord lets me live to be your mother-in-laws age I hope I look as good as she does. What is it about us older people taking naps. Have a great evening, Connie. Madeline

  3. Sounds like a wonderful weekend! Your mother-in-law looks great at 88-years-young.

    It's warming up down here too. I knew it was eventually coming, but am thankful it was as nice as it was for as long as it was! Summer is definitely here.

  4. some great looking gourds! (I get tired earlier too. I notice you and I are the same age.)

  5. What a wonderful thing you did for your mother-in-law. You made someone else have a brighter day and it should make you feel better too. Great post. Thanks for visiting my last post. Yes, we are burning up in Texas as we are having a terrible heat wave. I use a lot of water.

  6. your gourds are lovely! how much for the butterfly windchime? I love that!
    you need an ETSY shop!
    and you know how I feel about old ladies, lovely birthday.


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