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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Vintage Thursday

Last Saturday the Prospector and I went to town and on the way back we stopped at a farm/yard sale that a neighbor has about 4 times a year. We found this Vintage Cosco 3 shelf metal kitchen table/cart in almost mint condition. Didn't every family have one of these back in the 50's or 60's? I love the wheels. They are plastic with "sparkles". Very "mid century modern". It's now in our laundry , by the back door, for misc. dog stuff., shoes and temporary storage. The price was $10.00 but we got it for $6.00

This is what my sister and I needed, at the Art & Soul Workshop, to carry all of our supplies back and forth. It's a folding cart with wheels and it's BIG. Like the Cosco table, it's in excellent condition. Even the plastic handle covers are intact. This was $10.00 too. But we bought a couple of small items with it and got all of it for 9 bucks. I think it will be handy for carrying big bags of potting soil and conditioner into the backyard or down to the veggie garden...,or keeping the Pupster in control on long walks. A couple of pillows and some water, a few biscuits and an umbrella attached...., What do you think?

Carl had his second puppy training session yesterday. He's learning to heal, sit and stay. He is so cute to watch as he goes through his practice session with the trainer. His short little legs just moving along right next to the trainers. (She calls him "vertically challenged") Then we get to do it too and the trainer critiques us. He does all of it so well for her, but for me , not as good. It will take time to get the Prospector and I trained.
So, in a month or two, he will be trotting along beside me without a leash and coming when I call him. Right? This IS how it's going to be ISN'T IT?

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  1. Your purchases were wonderfully frugal & practical. Don't know how the Pupster will like being contained though on a walk-my quilting friend in CO. has a very similar Corgi, Gidget is adorable, but stubborn! And she is a little tank so funny when I try to pick her up she sort of squelches out between my hands like a water balloon.

  2. What a great cart! We had a yellow one, but it did not have cute wheels like yours. You found some great items with great prices. Have a wonderful VTT!

  3. Such great finds! I do remember those three-shelved carts - I believe my grandmother had one. Ah, brings back memories...

  4. What great finds! Love the sparkly wheels.

    Happy VTT!

  5. Awww, Carl's not vertically challenged... he just a low down pup that believes his life is better if he's lookin' up all the time.

    I love the Cosco kitchen cart. My mom had one and she used it a lot.


  6. Our cart was yellow. I need that folding cart when doing the flea markets.

  7. Love it! I have that same cart only mine is terribly rusted. I've got it on my list of "do-overs" to take it apart and spray paint it some fun new colors. xo, suzy

  8. What great finds. I have a folding cart that I take when we go to flea markets, and I had a kitchen cart when I was fist married in the early 50's. Have a great day Connie.

  9. Loved all your buys...you got some great ones. The little 3 tiered cart I remember so well..ours was yellow.
    Happy belated VTT..have a lovely weekend.


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