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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

My Son's Big "Little" Project

A few years ago my oldest son bought a very little house in the upper Laurel district of Oakland, California. We were surprised that he bought a house, as opposed to a condo, loft or co-op, but "M" found this little house, bought it and moved in. We can't find any history on the place but we know that it was built in 1910; 4 years after the Big Earthquake of 1906 that left the San Francisco/Oakland Bay Area in ruins. He thinks that this house might have been a caretakers cottage on a large ranch or a summer cabin for someone who could afford to have a second home in the lovely hills above the town of Oakland. He may never know for sure why someone built such a small house but it's perfect for him.
Because it's so old, it now needs complete reconstruction. So, "M" has begun with a new foundation, as the old one is crumbling and dangerous. It needs to be completely replaced. He will add a new bedroom and a full bath on to the back of the house . I can't wait for him to get all the outside work done , so I can help him PAINT and DECORATE the inside.
I can hear "M" now..."Just remember Mom, it's a "man cave" not a summer cottage for company." Oh my!..., so when I went to see him on Sunday afternoon, I walked through the house with my mouth closed, but I was taking mental notes on what we can do to make this little place just wonderful. No lace, no pink pillows and no white wicker? Nope..., but classic colors and mission style furniture? Yes, yes, and maybe there will be tongue and groove wood floors under all that old linoleum flooring that will be repairable...., and..., and..., so many ideas. "Patience Mom, Patience." So, I went out into the backyard and pruned some roses, and after I took some pictures for his Dad we went out to dinner.....

This is Spettro's on Lakeshore Ave. "M" took me there for dinner. The restaurant is charming and my Salmon with Mango Salsa was to die for. If you live anywhere close by, check this place out. It's worth it!
Thanks for dinner, sweetheart. I enjoyed the evening. See you again soon. Love, Mom
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  1. OMG again. I was BORN in Oakland. The first house we lived in was on Thompkins Dr. My grandparents had a big as in huge place on Daisy street. Mills college bought it.
    They owned a little bakery named Scandia.
    I had my tonsils out in Oakland Children's Hospital, not so great, but small world again.

    Glad your home and had fun and like my "mom" post. I already quit feeling guilty that was just a bit of witty writing. I think.

    So how is the PUPSTER?

  2. I know it is hard, but there comes a time, we have to stand back and let the younger generation do their thing. It may not be as you would do, but I bet he will do a great job. Thanks for visiting my post. I cannot believe anyone would give me an award, but I am sure going to keep it.

  3. Lots of remodeling going on in Oakland I notice on my walks. It's all good...

  4. Oh what fun- I would want to get in there & help too!
    I hope that you will post his progress!

  5. Your son has taken on quite a job. I am sure he will do a great job. Your ideas for decorating the inside sounds good to me. Have a good day, Connie.

  6. Love his PINK screen door--don't let him get rid of that! Sorry I missed you at the shop on Saturday!!!!


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