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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Happy Anniversary Blog; about a week late.

I have been blogging for a year now. My first post was on Jan 30, 2008 and there were no photos because I didn't know how to post them yet. My post read:

"I'm sure that I don't know what I'm doing, but I'm also sure that this is the start of something wonderful. A place of expression and understanding that will be here for myself and others. This will be 42 acres of words, poems and photos that tell the story of one person and her belief that she has something to offer others. She would like to share how she sees the world with whoever will listen."

This post is my 310 th. and I thought I would add a few of my favorite pictures to celebrate the day. There were so many wonderful memories and if I ever figure out how to post more than 3 photos on each post I will become a totally satisfied blogger.

I wasn't sure what I was doing when I started all this. I just knew that I wanted to write about and photograph my world so that I would have a journal of parts of my life that I could share with friends and family. I realize that my obsession with photography has become a very large part of each day and that these photos fuel my writing. I think the photos make the writing more interesting .
I've made some new friends around the U.S. and broadened my knowledge about people. I've learned from a wonderful lady in Pennsylvania how she bares the pain of her childhood but continues to life a life for others who suffered too. I met a woman in Georgia who sent me a bag of grits wrapped in duct tape because I had never tasted them. I've meet women who are amazing artists and share their beautiful gift with others; whether the gift is art, poetry, gardening, farming or creating a lovely home ...,women who love their life, their families and God. Women who struggle with the same problems as I do and try to make sense out of this "...one wild and precious life".
Blogging is a really odd word( I like "life journaling" or "life netting", but I think the word "Blog" is here to stay. Some people laugh when they hear that I do this, but those of us who journal each day and take time to leave a comment, or two, that might help someone or give congratulations, or support a persons effort, understand. This is a labor of love. You have to care about others , have a curiousity about life, and want to, as one of my friends has on her sidebar..."Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart." (w. wordsworth).

In my second year of posting I hope to met more interesting people, write more poetry, learn to LINK( I'm clueless ), post more than 3 photos at one time and continue to enjoy this time-consuming obsession that has become a part of my life.
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  1. Happy Bloggerversary and I can not wait to see what the comming hear holds... will have to do an in depth Q&A on how you load your pics and see if we can help you to load as many as you wish ... Gotta love the grits :)
    Love n hugs and I am so glad you decided to BLOG!

  2. Congratulations on a year of blogging. I have enjoyed your stories and your photos. I will continue to visit. Have a good evening.

  3. LOVE your new header!!! So glad I found you! Love your photos too!

    Since I've been blogging, I look at women differently. I don't judge by the outside as much as when I was younger. I see someone on the street and know they have friendship to offer and crosses to bare just like me.

    Thanks for a thoughtful post! Keep 'em coming...

  4. I get more than 3 pics to post and I know how to link. ;-) Lets do lunch and we will share our strengths.

    Happy Life Journalversary!!!

  5. Wow!!! Where does the time go? I love your post today. It went straight to the heart of the matter. I for one feel blessed to have you as part of my world. That would have never happened if not for this widewide world of blgging.

    I know one thing I need to work on is learning the difference between a comment and writing a post within a post. I am usually so full of words after reading a post that I can't seem to limit myself to just a few words.

    Happy Blogaversary my dear friend and for your gift, I will see if I can't help you out with posting those photos and doing links.

    Love ya Elly Mae!

  6. Congrats on your anniversary!

    Links are easy. Call me ;-)


  7. Happy Anniversary!! It's amazing how quickly a year goes by, but to have an online journal to mark the events is amazing, isn't it?
    It's fun to reflect on all that one has learned in the last year. Keep up the good work! :-)


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