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Monday, December 22, 2008

A brief visit; Sister Sanctuary

This is the Mokelumne River in Winter. It's one of California's wild and scenic rivers. It is so beautiful it can be overwhelming, especially in the early evening as the sun sets. The foothills become quiet and the spirit of the river shows itself in the ripples and reflections of the clear water.

My sister came up for a short weekend visit, to gather some energy and take a breather from the Christmas madness that tends to swallow folks this time of the year.
One evening I took Sis down to the River, just before sunset. She was mesmerized by the quiet and beauty of this river.We just walked around gathering the spirit of this beautiful place.

This was the view to the West. We watched, letting the stillness wrap it's peacefulness around us, until it became too dark and cold. Together, in the rush of the holiday season, on a bridge over the river, we stood together.., looking at the quiet beauty of the natural world..., gathering strength for the rest of our lives.
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  1. What a beautiful and peaceful scene. I can see where one can gather strength from such a place. The pictures are just great. Have a great evening. Madeline

  2. Ahhh... nice images. How wonderful to share such moments with your sister.

  3. makes me pine for the Sacramento. Used to walk beside it several times a week. The sound, the birds, the wildlife

  4. Beautiful photos of Middle Bar and the bridge-- thanks! The Mokelumne's not yet a National Wild and Scenic River, but 37 miles of it are eligible for that protection. For more info and to sign on to support, see www.foothillconservancy.org/rivers

    Happy Holidays!


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