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Monday, August 18, 2008

Murphy..., celebrity goat

I had to go down to Sacramento today for a doctor's appointment, so I decided to travel a few miles further and go to the Davis Art Center to see Terry Busse's art show. I have gotton to know Terry through her blog: Songs from the Garden at; terrybusse.blogspot.com. She does the most amazing textile wall art you've ever seen and a few months ago she asked me if she could do one about my post on Murphy (one of my goats ) and the night he danced on his hind legs under a full moon. I was delighted and so was Murphy....
By the way, the painting of the "acrobat" was on the outside wall of the art center(top left). Just thought it was cool. The two bottom photos are the room where Terry's exhibit was.

Photo's do not do Terry's work justice. The intricate piecing of fabric and felt have to be seen "In person" to really be appreciated. This one above is called "Murphy's Midnight Dance" ( that's my Murph') and if you look closely you will see the beautiful stitching and detail that each of her pieces have. I'm so impressed because I've never even tried quilting, let alone something like this. Her colors are wonderful and every piece has a poem and a story to go with it.

The exhibit is at the Davis Art Center , 1919 F street, Davis, Ca. and continues through Aug 28. If you live anywhere close to Davis you should stop by and take a look. Gallery hours are Mon-Thurs 9:30 to 7 and Fri 9:30 to 5. They are closed on the weekend. And please check out Terry's blog. She shows all her art work on her posts and sometimes shows the process or parts of the pieces before they're finished. Very interesting. Click on the photos above to see them up close.

The other goats told me that Murphy has been acting kind of "uppity" lately and they found a pair of sunglasses in his corner of the goat house. You think some of this has gone to his head? I'll have to have a little talk with him.

Congratulations Terry! It's a wonderful exhibit.

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  1. Celebrity goat made me chuckle. I think animals must know when they make an impression on someone. :-) I will speak to my love to see if he wants to take a drive sometime this week or next. I would love to see those pieces in person.

  2. which reminds me of my friend Sarah who said one day she saw her horse making snow angels in the pasture

  3. Wow, you went! I am so excited. You should of called (but of course you don't know my number) I would have come over. I am a few blocks from the art center. Thank you so much for coming and putting up all the photos and comments.

    Murphy I'd love to see your sunglasses!

  4. Did you happen to smell the cigar smoke or did the air freshener take care of it? I also heard he has a bottle of bubbly and a crystal wine glass hidden in the hay. Wow.... Murphy better be careful , if his head swells much bigger it is going to throw his dancing balance off.

    Congratulations Murphy! Now if the childrens story ever gets written, the other goats won't be able to stand you.

    I love Terry's work.


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