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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Bambino Blog; guest post

We had fun today. Daddy took us to Noni and Papa's. Mommy had to work so she didn't come but Uncle Matt was there. We played in the water. We had lunch at a yummy place. I had chicken pieces, french fries and fruit. My little brother had fruit and some of daddy's lunch. Then we went to a park and played on the slide and the see-saw, and walked across a big bridge that Papa called a "foot" bridge. That's funny. Then we came back to Noni's and sang Happy Birthday to Papa: really loud. I helped Papa blow out the candles on his cake. Noni gave me a blue bowl with cake and ice cream. I ate all of it with milk. It was good. Happy Birthday Papa!
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  1. Sounds as if some little someone had a good day......

    I love how you little guys have fun so easily. Give Riley a shovel and 10 acres and we wouldn't see him for three months.


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