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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Chocolate chip cookies with walnuts

The prospector has been building a retaining wall and our neighbor came over to help yesterday. Since I didn't have to be outside helping, I did something I haven't done for a while. I baked some cookies.
Moke came into the kitchen and sat down like something big was going to happen. Of course, he always does this if we go into the kitchen for longer than five minutes. We laugh at this behavior because he,s so serious about it and we think that he thinks "food" won't happen without his vigil. We call him the "helper dog".
So I baked cookies. I don't use a recipe because this is the cookie I've been making since (as my boys use to say) "...the stone ages." It's a very basic dough and I just add different ingredients to it. That's usually whatever happens to be in the freezer, "fridge" or cupboard at the time. I just bought chocolate chips and walnuts at Costco(the best price around), so that's what went into the batter. Sometimes I add pecans and dried cranberries; or almonds and raisins . You can add anything, (well almost): Left over fish wouldn't work. ( but you knew that, right?) Any ingredient that would make a good cookie is fine. Peanut butter, spices, coconut, yogurt, sour cream, breakfast cereal, etc. Just adjust the liquid: Use less if you put any wet stuff in. If you use oatmeal add two tablespoons of milk. A good basic recipe is always on the back of a bag of chocolate chips..... and beg, borrow, or call me for fresh, free range eggs. They make cookie batter fluffier and you can eat the dough. Then, if you have any dough left you can bake cookies. Enjoy!
P.S. Dogs like to taste test after the cookies are baked. Just no chocolate ones, please.

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