Spring has returned. The Earth is like a child that knows poems. ~Rainer Maria Rilke

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I Remember Long Ago

Had such a great weekend with my sister. We shopped, talked and ate our way through, without any interruptions. My husband was gone . He went to Fresno with friends in his prospector's club. So... sis and I just had a "girlie" weekend. After she left, yesterday, I remembered a poem I wrote and gave her a long time ago. I finally found it this afternoon and decided to post the poem because ,even twenty years later, it still rings true. I was an only child for seven years before my sister was born and I real wanted a sister. I guess my parents thought that it was time for another child to be a part of our family so I wouldn't be the only one. I'm so glad.


I remember long ago,
when you were put
into my hands
and life became warmer.

I brought you home,
between mom and dad,
in the old green Pontiac....
and you were mine;
alive and bright eyed,
rubbing your face
with a curled hand.
A brand new
little old person
wrapped up
in all our love.
I remember saying
thank you to them
for this gift;
this two week late
Christmas gift.

You were the finishing touch.
So much has been said
between us since then...
so many differences..., and
so many shared days.
We have grown apart
and back again,
but,I have always
remembered that morning
when I brought you home.
We reached out then,
my only sister friend,
and I will always
see you, in my lap,
looking up at me.
For it was then,
when we were small,
that all the sunrises were new....
and I sang you Christmas carols
all the way home.

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