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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Dangerous Places.

This is a dangerous place for me to go.
I should know better. I went in to find eight buttons for my gray vest. I came out with more buttons than I needed.
and some beautiful flannel fat quarters  (Fat quarters are precut, quarter yards of fabric.)  that I probably didn't need.
But they were on sale... and they are beautiful... and they were already cut... and, well... look at them. I will do something with them.
A friend brought me a rag quilt a few weeks ago . It's a lap quilt and she has been wanted to show me how to create one. So now, I'm ready. I just need a "back" for the quilt, some old flannel for the inside, some thread and scissors (I have these), and the time to spend the day with her so she can show me how to do it.
It wasn't like I didn't have a plan... and these gorgeous pieces of fabric might not have been there when I went to this store again... and the sale is only until the end of the month. So.....

Then, I went to the On A Mission thrift store in Jackson. I LOVE this place. I needed some tulle for my Nuno felting. Well, this may be a "thrift" store but this is also another dangerous place for me to visit. I found the tulle and some... other really wonderful stuff.
Yes, It seems that I needed these other things too.
I found some clothes to use for the fabric.
All useable for nuno felting and adding to scarves. I love this print skirt, above. It's a cotton gypsy print and will be great when scrunched up in a scarf.
This skirt is a J.Jill that actually fits me.
 I don't wear skirts anymore but if I did... it fits.I love the almost "eco" print look to the linen fabric. and the bottom edge has brown lace on it. I paid $3.50 for it. I will use those bottom edges for a scarf and the print for the pieces of the scarf. I can use the zipper and surrounding fabric for a small purse to match the scarf. Oh, the ideas... from one skirt. It's endless.
I also bought a top made out of gray stretchy jersey .
This one doesn't fit me, so I don't feel bad cutting it up. I mean it fits, but I'm max on the "stretch" and it looks a little young on me. I've got to be careful about this. I don't want folks to say, "Did she even look in a mirror this morning?" Sometimes you have to act your age. Yea...Darn! I don't think "cute" is what I'm about at this stage of my life. You have to be careful about "cute" in your 60's.
All of the edges on this shirt are ruffled  and could be added to a scarf. There is lots of fabric here and grey goes with everything.
I did buy too much. So, shoot me. It's all inexpensive and fun. I also bought some small bags of fabric to send to a friend who quilts and is living in the middle of nowhere in southeast Oregon for the winter... with not a thrift store or fabric store within hundreds of miles. She is living on a ranch in a cabin and the one thing she did bring with her is her sewing machine.
She's a quilter. She carries a sewing machine like she carries a gun. It's her MO (modis operandi, mode of operation, etc.).  In those parts you never know when you're going to have to sew up a pair of pants or kill something. Besides, it's kind of hard to quilt cowhides and coyote pelts.
When I got home I realized I had over done it with the fabric. I just need someone to show me how to do this quilting stuff and then I will be ready... with my fabric... and that first quilt will be BEAUTIFUL.
In the meantime, I will cut and patch, sew some trim on  and tomorrow you can help me pick out some buttons for my latest felted scarf.
Take care.


  1. I know you will work up the fabric into some great things. Will be looking forward to seeing what you do with it. Have a blessed evening. Madeline

  2. I love hunting thrift stores for clothing I can use for fabric, also with buttons I can salvage and zippers..(have you priced new zippers?? Outrageous!) I will have to try that one in Jackson. I have not been over that way in a while. Sounds like fun. I have been sewing up a storm lately, just in the mood.

  3. oh how fun! I went to the fabric store too. I went for a navy blue fat quarter and left with $25 of things that I didn't go in for, all very pretty and all on sale.
    I was going to sew and got the flu.
    I don't feel like doing anything so I am reading. I am so glad you posted!

  4. Oh, to me it is dangerous to go in to a garden center. Dangerous fun. Actually this post of yours answered the question I ask on my blog today: what is a secret way you find some joy?
    Those buttons you bought are gorgeous, but are you sure some of them are not butterscotch candy?

  5. haha you got sucked in...i am the same way with book stores...i get trapped there and have to buy my way out...smiles...

  6. I know how addictive fabric stores can be. I used to work in one and I swear all my wages I put back into that store, lol. Have fun with all of your fabric stash:)

  7. OH! A thrift store in Jackson now?
    I'm homesick again
    loved this post

  8. I haven't been anywhere near any shop that sells anything to do with sewing since before Christmas. It's been difficult. I just hope that when I relent, I don't go nuts. The only quilt I have ever made has been a rag quilt and I have plans to make a warmer one this coming winter. Hope I can find some lovely fabrics like yours!

  9. what fun reading about your day of adventure and pleasure!
    I'm with Brian...bookstores...
    I like how he said he has to buy his way out of them..hee hee
    we all have our weaknesses
    I love thrift stores too...but I don't sew or knit...so you are safe...it's old dishes and books
    have fun today

  10. I want to learn more about sewing. I think it would be pretty fun to sew some coyote pelts tho! haha

  11. Heh! I have plenty of those in my box under the spare bedroom mattress!

    I also have a skirt one can't bear to let go of. You would love it. Lots of patch work fabric, kind of Bohemia, but I am not sure what I could do with it.

  12. Oh you know you'll use that stuff 'one day'! I have a few big basketfuls of things like this...quilting is a great way to use this stuff for sure...I really admire quilters, such as my mom. It's a very tricky and exact science that I don't have the patience for. Needle felting is so much more forgivable...don't like the head? cut it off and attach a new one! If only we could do the same with our bodies...

  13. No doubt that whatever you come up with will be beautiful!

    Cute story about your friend in Oregon LOL

    I came to leave you a link:

    Live stream of a hummingbird Mama sitting on a nest and I thought you'd enjoy it!!



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