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Monday, February 21, 2011

Free Hugs......

When I was working for a living and had to get up on Monday morning to face another week of decisions, long days and (sometimes) aggravation, I could have used this video to remind me that life is good, what I did made a difference and that people love to receive a hug once in a while.
Please go to Nancy's A Shepherd's Voice  and her Monday Moments video for a free hug. Look at how easy it is to make some one's day just by smiling.... or in Italy... giving out free hugs.  This will make you feel so good that you will be able to tackle anything this week.


When I arrived at my son's house last week my grandchildren were out front learning to ride their new skateboards.
With more gear on than a soccer player they were ready to learn the fine art of Skateboarding. Little bean decided that a starting position of "hands on the ground for balance" was a good idea. At four years of age, this was probably a wise choice and already being on the ground left less distance to fall when the skateboard didn't cooperate.
The Bean tackled this new challenge (as he always does) with more determination than a bull moose crossing a crowded city street.
Even wearing his green Crocks instead of tennis shoes.... Noni worries about stuff like this. You grandmothers know what I mean. Tennis shoes would be safer and give him more support.... and give him better  stability.... and if , God forbid, he falls..... the tennis shoes will stay on his feet. You know..... Noni-phobic.  I remember giving my grandmother a few near heart attacks when I was learning how to be my own little person.
Anyway, he didn't fall. He hardly ever does. He's AWESOME...  even with green shoes.
They both had a great time. The day was beautiful.... sunny.... warm. Within an hour or so they were balancing on these boards with wheels like little pros and I just took pictures....
How wonderful it is to see your grandchildren grow up. The cute little babies turn into sweet little toddlers and then into small versions of their parents. I remember the Bean's daddy learning how to balance on a skateboard many years ago and the first time he road his bike without the training wheels. The time he tried to navigate a dirt jump and fell. Oh yes, it all comes back to me as I watch these two little boys learn something new.
It's an on going process... wanting to be good at something... wanting to be challenged. It's the wonderful feeling of accomplishment when you finally know that you have got the balance and you are flying instead of walking.
Hugs to both of my grandsons. You did it! I'm so proud of you. Here's to keeping your balance for a lifetime.... learning new ways to bring you both a sense of pride in what you do. Learning the boundaries of your life and always trying to expand them in a good way.
Hugs to my son and my daughter in law too. They are always there with encouragement and love. It just makes my heart happy.

That night I watched the  boys so Mom and Dad could go out to dinner. The Bean taught me how to water ski on the Wii game program. He still had so much energy and couldn't understand why Noni was not making "big jumps" on her water ski.
"This way Noni. You have to jump UP when you go over the boat wake." The Bean could make the ski board jump and flip. I tried. My score was 180. My grandson's was over 1000.  I couldn't water ski well when I was in real water and a lot younger. I was lucky to keep my balance and not drown. Even trying to learn the nuances of this sport in a virtual reality world.... I still sucked.....
So I soothed my wounded ego with a piece of Valentine candy and watched  Little Bean slept off his big day ....
...and Lizzie, the guard dog, waiting for the rest of the family to return.

It was an AWESOME day. I slept well that night.

Tomorrow we go to some really cool yarn and fabric stores in Berkeley and Oakland.


  1. It was so nice reading about all the wonderful things your grandsons are learning and the what a sweet and wonderful grandmother they have. We all need to treasure the moments we have with our children and grandchildren. Enjoyed this post and the pictures. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  2. Thank you for the link to my "Monday Moments" blog post. Because "Everybody needs a hug!" ;-)

    I also have 3 grandsons and I love how the love just radiates when you write about your boys.

    Life is good!

  3. I really enjoyed reading this, and in your new script!

  4. Cute, cute and cute again. It's great to be a grandmother, its like falling in love all over again.

  5. What a cute post! I can't wait until my granddaughters get a little older and I get to watch all these things. Anna's dad was a big time skateboarder so I know we'll be learning how to do that. Virtual waterskiing... I don't think I'll be good at that either!

  6. That was an absolute delight to read. Took me back to teaching my now 17 year old grandson to ride a bike and how he scolded me for not letting go of the bike. He said, "I'll never learn anything with you around, let me do it!"
    And, of course, he did it.
    Love the photos and your account of a great day with your little people. Making more precious memories!

  7. Wonderful post and I so look forward to one day becoming a Grandma! Sounds like so much fun :)


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