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Monday, June 21, 2010

"Son"shine Weekend

Our oldest son was here for the weekend. "M" came up to celebrate Father's Day with us. He brought his cat, Lucky, with him. She is a sweet old cat who needs medication twice a day. Lucky is a very nice cat to have around. She is quiet, content to sleep on the extra bed and doesn't seem ruffled by the Pupster and Cutter, even through she doesn't live with dogs at home.
I told you that the dogs would set up a vigil in the hallway while she was visiting and , well, as you can see.... Carl did.

Poor Carl just about wore himself our being vigilant. I got that "Why I'm I having to go through this" look constantly. It helped that our son gave both dogs a lot of attention. Still, Carl was determined to see this threat to his way of life, that had taken over the extra bedroom, as an invasion of the grandest proportions.

We were in the guest/computer room yesterday morning. Our son was bringing us into the advanced computer age with directions on how to use an iPod suffle that he gave his Dad for Father's Day. We were all in the room, with the cat, with the door closed. The cat got up and walked over to the door. That's when I heard a loud sniffing sound from the other side. I knew who it was so I opened the door just a couple of inches. Guess who? (above).... He backed away and sat down looking like we were all being traitors, but with an edge of despondency too. "Oh, Carl. Come over here. Come see Lucky. She's a nice cat." I said, quietly, through the crack in the door. He just sat there and looked at me. I guess there will never be an indoor cat in this house. Cutter had given up and spent most of his time outside.
We had a lovely weekend with our son. I wish our other son and his family could have been here too, but they were here a couple of weekends ago so I guess I can't have everything I want.... and The Prospector got a phone call from "J" with best wishes.
What we really need is the two story, 4 bedroom house that we sold 15 years ago. I NEED MORE ROOM!! The boys are very good about the "no room to spread out" situation here. I guess I worry about it too much. So, to compensate for tight quarters, I baked brownies and made some orange buttermilk ice cream. This always seems to work.One has nothing to do with the other but, somehow, it makes tiny spaces seem more tolerable. Isn't that weird !

We are so fortunate to have two sons that still like us after all these years. I had many moments when we were raising them when I thought that we were doing all the wrong things and that they would regret their upbringing.... but hang in there, all of you who think you don't know what you're doing. Your best efforts will be rewarded. The rest is water under the bridge....and it seems that children can be forgiving too. We all like each other. What a nice result for all the anxieties of parenthood.
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  1. I'm on the other end of that spectrum. I had an ugly fight with my parents a few years ago. I told my dad that he was no longer my dad. And I didn't speak to them for over a year. We made up, though. We don't see eye to eye on lots of things, but we agreed to disagree. My life is mine and theirs is theirs. And with that we get along just fine. I was raised in a large extended family, and family has always been very important to me. I don't suspect that will every change.

  2. Sounds like nearly everybody had a nice day! Well, maybe not Carl and Cutter so much! :)

  3. It looks like y'all had the perfect visit, and I'm sure Carl will forgive you... eventually. ;)
    That mix of photos at the top, where Carl is looking up you, tugged on the ol' heartstrings, I can tell you! He just looks so confused and hurt!

    All any of us (as parents) can do, is do our best... and it usually comes out just fine in the end. My kids and I had our moments, but that's all water under the bridge now. :)

  4. What a great weekend- ummm buttermilk orange ice cream- okay a trip to the store is now in order! On your orders :)

  5. Nice post and great pictures. You did have a nice visit with your son and his cat. Have a blessed evening. Madeline

  6. What fun mosaics of both the cat and Carl! He did not look very happy, at all. LOL Glad you enjoyed a great visit w/number 1 son. The orange buttermilk ice cream sounds really good w/those brownies. Yum....

  7. Cats and dogs just do not mix. I am proud for you that your son turned out way above your expectations. They all go thorough stages, but usually turn out okay. I am very proud of mine.

  8. Our expectations were always high for both of them.I never underestimated their abilities. I'm so proud of them both, as you are with yours.

  9. It's so nice to have family visit, and to be able to treat them special. Good to hear it was fun.

    I thought my mothering skills were sunk, then years later my daughter in law told me how my son kept trying to do the things that I did when he was young, "because that's the way Mom did it" :)

    You're right, the rest is "water under the bridge"!

  10. I can just relate to so many things in this post. ...dogs and cats getting to know each other...the need for more room....raising children and all the guilt that goes along with it...and the many, many rewards. We are such lucky women, aren't we?

  11. Oh your dear dogs remind me of my old guy when my daughter brings her cat to visit. He does his best ignore the intruder and I can practically hear his evil thoughts!
    He's about to be put through it all again in a just over a week, I feel sorry for him already. Shame such happy times for me are so hard for him. I'm pleased you had such a lovely time with your son.
    When my kids were growing up I was always worried that I expected too much of them, but I'm pleased to say they exceeded my wildest expectations.

  12. Great pictures. Lucky is always so photogenic :-) Just had some more leftover brownies a few minutes ago. It was a fun weekend!

  13. It is a wonder Farmlady when our children grow up & still love to spend time with us, it blesses me that we are able to be friends as well as parent/child. Does make the agonies of parenting more bearable.


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