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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A Truly Vintage Purse

My mother-in-law gave me this purse many years ago. For a long time I had it put away in a drawer and then I realized that it might look nice on the wall in the guestroom. This month I took everything off the wall because I really am working on this workroom/craft space/computer/still a guestroom area that is slowly becoming....
I realized that I had never shown this purse on Vintage Thursdays and that it was time to show everyone what a lovely gift my Mother-in-law gave me so long ago. Thank you, Vi. Sometimes it takes getting older to appreciate the value of things.

This is an Alumesh purse with a Bakelite clasp and chain. This classic, vintage purse is quite indicative of the style that was made popular by the Whiting and Davis Company in the 40's. Alumesh was a process that produced enameled aluminum mesh and the Whiting and Davis purse company utilizing this fabrication because it had the look and feel of vintage beaded purses and was very durable.
The lining is made with a black Faille fabric that is beautiful and looks like its brand new. I don't think that this purse was used too often. It's in excellent shape and has no worn areas at all. The tag on the inside had all the names on it that I used to research the information I was able to give you in this post.
This purse is pristine and in extremely fine condition. I saw a similar one on Ebay for $285.00, but most of them run about $40.00 or $50.00. I can see why folks want to collect these vintage purses. They're beautiful and are made so much better than most purses today.

The second and last photo are so different in tone and color because I took one in natural light and one under a lamp. Then I also got carried away trying to adjust the colors with Picasa3. Oh my! Sometimes I should just leave the photos alone. Anyway, remember to save those old purses. Don't give them to the thrift shops and consignment stores until you know what they are worth and until you're old enough to appreciate them.
I won't be giving this to anyone, soon, except maybe my daughter-in law. She will surely appreciate it more than I did. Vintage is so much more popular than it use to be. But, for a while, I will hang in up somewhere and admire it. I do think it's quite beautiful....

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  1. What an unique purse, it is very pretty. Thanks for sharing it with us. Wonderful photos. Have a great evening. Madeline

  2. That bag is wonderful. I framed several old 'opera' bags when I had my frame shop and it is so delightful to look at all the work and designing that went into them. Not only 'in it's day' would it have been the 'bee's knees' but going out and carrying it nowdays would be a fashion statement for sure.

    Don't you love it when you run across something that you'd forgotten and just sitting and remembering who gave it to you and the memories that flood back with your re-discovery.

    Thank you for the wonderful photos and the story that went with them.


  3. That is a sweet purse, and how nice that it was gifted to you! It's wonderful that you will be passing it down within the family.

    It's sad that manufacturers don't put quality and pride into their products anymore. I have one nice older pocketbook (1950's). I'm sure nothing from today would last 50 years and still look good!

  4. What a nice purse! A Roomie can never have too many of them! One for shopping, one for evenings out, one for carrying money to the flea market(where you might even find ANOTHER great purse!). Thanks for sharing, Happy Thanksgiving, and see you again next week at PDT!

  5. I almost feel the slinky, smoothness of that purse from here! I've gotten rid of things years ago that I SO wish I'd held on to! Your advice is good because times and tastes change, but regrets are forever!!! Thanks for sharing!

  6. I have this very same purse. I bought it at a vintage shop in downtown Mckinney Tx. I love it. When I go out with friends I carry this little bag with me and sit it on the table. Everyone just loves it. I just purchased my second Whiting & Davis purse, I will be looking for more, that's for sure. I plan on carrying mine, they are not just to look at. I hope others will show theirs & tell their story also. Thanks! Paulette, Mckinney Texas


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