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Friday, October 23, 2009

Vintage Thursday on Friday

Once in a while I sit myself down and say.., " You are a very lucky woman to have grown up in a wonderful home with good parents, that weren't perfect, but they did their best to provide a stable and happy home for you and your sister". Now that they are both gone and the "things" in their home are being sorted and divided up between my sister and and I...., I realize that a lot of that stablity is what makes those memories that were stored in this house's corners. Every piece of furniture, every cabinet and each room has so many poignant memories.
Yesterday the Prospector and I drove down to Mom and Dad's house, which is now my son and daughter-in-laws. They are renting with the intention of possibly buying the place in a year or so and they have been working toward that end. It's just wonderful! I had not seen the house since I left a week after the memorial for Mom. They have done so much work on the place and they finally moved in last weekend. New paint, carpeting, painted kitchen cabinets and counter tops, new bathroom floors, cabinets and fixtures.It's looks beautiful and I know that Mom would be happy that they have done such a great job. My grandbabies are going to make new memories now.
The prospector and I picked up the trailer that our son had borrowed to move with and I had a few more things to bring home with me. My husband deserves a special award for the way he has handled his wife during this trying time. Especially yesterday when I already had a garage filled with things from the last trip and now I wanted to bring home more..., and I have no place to put it ..., and there will have to be a major upheaval of our little house to accommodate these new/old things. Not a word has been spoken in anger or tiredness. Even last night when we finally got home and I realized that I had really gone too far.
Today he helped me move more things around and we did get my grandmothers bookcase/desk moved into the bedroom. It's so beautiful. The chair is a duplicate of another that I have had for years, but in much better shape. I did exercise some self control here. I only brought ONE chair home with me. There are 4 more, but they have cane seats and are badly damaged.

This desk is in beautiful shape. It has a beveled mirror in the top and old hand blown glass in the bookcase section. There is a broken hinge in the drop down desk that is just bent and needs straightening. Other that the hinge everything is perfect. The old oak is beautiful. A brass bolt that holds a shelf in place says March 1897 on it. If that is also the age of the desk then this is truly "an antique". I love it in my bedroom and feel like I am the "guardian" of this wonderful family heirloom. It's so beautiful and I will always keep it safe until I pass this treasure to one of my boys in years to come.
The prospector has said that the boys can have all of it...., 'cause if anything happens to me he's moving into an RV and going on the road. Just he and Carl. Without any furniture. But..., he didn't say this yesterday.., or today. Bless his heart.
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  1. Oh Connie, what a beautiful bookcase/desk. Your husband really is good to not say a word about all you have brought back to your little home. Have a blessed weekend and enjoy all your treasures.

  2. You exercised much more control than I would have... I would have brought all the chairs home with me and taken up learning to cane so I could fix them. You are truly a lucky woman to have such beautiful and meaningful treasures from your parents and a husband who doesn't raise cane whenever you want to bring something else home with you.


  3. That desk is GORGEOUS!! I would give my eyebrows and 2 toenails to have one like it. It is my absolute favorite style of furniture. In case it hasn't occurred to you, there are great memories in that house for me too! Do Esquire magazines conjure up any memories for you? Giggle, giggle. Dawn

  4. That furniture is lovely - I would have wanted every bit of it - even the damaged pieces!!! But, practicality speaks loudly when you don't have a lot of space to spare. Good thing he plans on taking Carl along with him if something happens to you - we know Carl 'rates'!!! Have a great weekend!

  5. You are a strong woman indeed! I would have taken all the chairs and not had any kind of plan as to what to do with them. Bless you and your sweet husband. It's lovely to have such beauty to cherish and pass along the memories of a time lost. It truly is a Blessing. take care j

  6. farmlady,
    your story is right out of an ad for mastercard...Priceless
    Women across america dream of having a husband, that just knows, be patient, she'll figure out where to put these precious things...she's made us a cosy and happy home...it will all be fine...I'm the muscles and this too shall pass. Once again, thank you for sharing these stories with us. kelly(simplyworn.etsy)

  7. This is a gorgeous side-by-side! It's not just pretty, you can use it for storage, display and a writing desk, which will be a handy place to pay the bill for the storage unit if you keep going like this! (I can't blame you, I'm a furniture addict too. Especially if there's a great history behind the piece!)


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