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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Past Due Tuesday: Candlesticks and Re-purposed plate.

These candlesticks are probably from Italy. My great-grandmother was born in Milan and came here to marry my great-grandfather. I was told she brought a Dowry (which is the property that a woman brought to her husband at the time of the marriage) with her. These lovely candlesticks were far too fancy for life on the ranch. At the time, in the Napa Valley, there were only small farms and a beautiful little town. It was not the fancy, tourist mecca it is today. So, coming from a great northern Italian city and a wealthy family, I suspect that she brought some very nice things with her.
These candle holders are black glass, appear to be hand blown ( there are no "seams" anywhere.) and the design is etched into the glass. They're rimmed with gold which is very worn. There are no markings of any kind that would give us an idea where they came from. Mom never used them that we can remember and these were found in a cabinet above the refrigerator where other assorted candlesticks were stored..., most of them never having been used.

They are really beautiful; very "old world". I will do some research on the Internet and see if I can find some information on them.

This plate of my grandmothers is very interesting. Again, there are no markings. It's carve, beautifully, with rose buds and leaves and looks like it might have had a cup or vase attached to it. Also, there is a broken part that might have been a handle. The pottery is beautiful and almost transparent but I don't think it's porcelain. It's heavy for a small plate. The carved flowers and leaves are very well done.
I use it to burn my large candles on because of it's flat center. I love the way it looks. Does anyone have any ideas what it might be and what it's made of?

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  1. You have some interesting objects today - worth wondering about, but definitely worth using, even if you don't know for sure what the white plate was for - perhaps a saucer for a cup of tea? Who knows, but you did find something worthy to use it with!

  2. You have so many wonderful things farmlady, and what I love is that many of them come from family and have true meaning. What a wonderful world.

  3. Wow those candleholders are beautiful, Hope you find out more info on them. The ceramic dish is wonderful--very appropriate to display for this time of year when the leaves are blowin'!

  4. Wow, we wonder if those black glass candleholders were etched by hand? Must have been if they are really old. The leaf plate is beautiful. You're right--it does look like it was a handle that broke off. Maybe there was a matching bowl/cup which sat in the center? Thanks for being a charter member of Past Due Tuesday!

  5. Hi farmlady! Thanks for checking on me and this blogging is a wonderful way to connect to people who we would otherwise never know. I like your blog, pictures and postings. The black candlesticks are unique and more importantly a touchstone to your family's history. It's interesting how times have changed so much from those being so precious they were never used to now we have access to SO many treasures. The ones that really hold dear are the ones with special meaning like your candlesticks, I hope you use them often in honor of your family.

  6. Good morning Connie, You have some very unusual and beautiful pieces. I was wondering if you hold the candlesticks up to a light do they have a purple tinge to them. My mother had a vase that was black but had the purple tinge when held up to the light. Have a great day. Madeline

  7. beautiful stuff you have so much great stuff i coudl spend weeks gazing at it all with you :)

  8. OMG those are gorgeous, such treasures! I have no idea about the plate but please post on any info. you find on either of these pieces.

  9. Very classy candlesticks! I've never seen anything like them.

  10. Very classy candlesticks! I've never seen anything like them.

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