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Monday, October 26, 2009

The Mess.., and some Murphy Wisdom.

Yes..., this IS my guest room. I worked on the closet all day. That's why everything is in the middle of the room. This is not a pretty picture. This is not SIMPLE LIVING.

So I went for a hike with Annibel..., to think about what I should do and take a breath of fresh air.

..., and, then, I had a long talk with Murphy, who settled me down and make me see things in their proper perspective.
That would be, and I quote, " Farmlady, you'ld best be building a BARN or..., rent a STORAGE LOCKER, for a while, until you decide what is really important."
I feel better now....
Yea, I sure feel better..., yea...,
Thanks Murph', would you and the boys like a bookcase for the goathouse?

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  1. What a face! :o) It seems like when we are reorganizing and trying to figure out what to keep that it always looks worse at the beginning, but it does get better! I must say that Murphy is a very wise goat!

  2. that's a good idea. why don't you empyt out that spare room completely and start from scratch? You could plan the storage and using it fro crafting, as well as making those hard decisions about what you keep and where it will go.
    Your mom's antiques are really beautiful pieces, I can see the dilemma.

  3. lol! I think Murphy would LOVE the bookcase, but it would never be the same. :)
    He has such a droll look in that photo!

  4. I believe Murphy gave you some great advice. Take your time and it will come to a satisfying conclusion. Have a great evening.

  5. I think I need a Murphy. Or maybe two, since they say two heads are better than one.
    My project for later in the week (okay, I'm a procrastinator) is to clean out my TWO sheds so that I have room to put the stuff in the house somewhere!
    I swear the stuff in the closets breeds when I'm not looking!

  6. Love your post today! You should join in on Tuesdays Show & Tail - your Murphy would make a great face to show and tell about!!!

  7. I was catching up on your blog today. Goodness, all those beautiful, wonderful things from your mom that you now have. I was thinking that I used to think it didn't make sense for people to rent storage units for stuff---people have too much stuff---but I'm thinking that might be a good consideration for you! I remember when my mom died, I wanted to keep everything. And I did keep a lot, but after a couple of years you can better able sort out what is really worth keeping and what you can stand to part with. So hard, tho, I know. Sounds like the old Prospector is being awesome about it all but of course that is no surprise because that is just how he is.

  8. yeah what murphy and everyone else said.... i think the walk to clear the head is the best thing ever and i am excited becuase the kids closed on thier house yesterday and NOW my shed can be emptied of their things and my own can go into it :) yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  9. We all have our days. Sometimes it helps just to get away from it all as you. You will get it all worked out without putting anyone in the goathouse.

  10. Connie, he's a gem! All those pieces are treasures. We are all caught in the same dilemma at some point. Just follow your heart! Do you want to take part in a little charm exchange? Could you email me asap and I'll give you the info. Have a wonderful day. Hugs. Riki

  11. Yes, but it's GOOD junk! I want that red space ray gun, BTW!

  12. Murphy is just so very smart!

  13. It's good to have a Murphy around. : D

    Good luck with the excess. I'm continually sorting and deciding and battling the buildup of books. Where do they all come from? (I guess I know . . . What does Murphy think?) : D


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