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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A Lovely Goodbye

I am home again. There is a difference inside of me. I haven't sorted out all the feelings yet.

The Memorial, last Monday, was so lovely. The blue sky, with it's gray and white clouds moving quietly across the landscape, were beautiful and protecting.
All of Mom's friends and relatives were there as we said goodbye.
A priest gave the memorial service. A poem was read, a neighbor talked of memories and we all touched the container before it was put into the earth.

We drove back to my Mom and Dad's house and had lunch. All the folks that she loved were there, in her home, eating and having a good time: Some inside, some out in the backyard. Everyone had a story to tell about this woman we called "Mom". I know that she was there, somehow, listening to the conversation and the classical music.
She loved this house and loved it even more when it was filled with people and good food.
It was a wonderful conclusion to our Mother's life.

Her cat, Honey, was watching from the fence behind the old oak. We have been feeding her for all the months that Mom has been gone from the house. Honey stays...., waiting. She eats and looks around but won't let anyone get near her. She seems OK and continues to live, at least primarily, in Mom's backyard. We see her across the street and in front of the house where she then disappears for the day, returning at night to sleep in the safety of the garage.
We are not sure what to do about her. My son and his family will be moving in next month, which is a wonderful development and we are hoping, with a little encouragement , that she will become this family's new cat.
We can only hope.....
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  1. That was lovely. It brought me to tears. What a wonderful memory you will have about your mom's final good-bye.

    I feel for Honey. What an adorable little cat. ( I have 4 of my own.)

    I hope things work out for her in the best possible way.

    Take Care,

  2. What a lovely tribute to your mother. It brought tears to my eyes. I hope the cat will stay when your son and his family move into the house. Have a good evening.

  3. Such a lovely post Connie. I do hope that Honey will one day feel comfortable enough with your son and his family to become part of the family. Take care.

  4. It sounds like many wonderful things came out of the memorial - for you and others. Your mom would have liked that. I do hope you will give Honey a chance to stay there- or whoever is talking over the house. It is after all her territory, not yours, in her sensory system..SHe needs time to adapt, and your mother would have been happy to see her given that chance.

  5. glad you're back, missed your posts

  6. A beautiful celebration of your lovely mother's life...I am sure she was there with all of you...I am sure she is with you now, and always will be in your heart. I hope the cat will be o.k., they certainly have a way of knowing don't they? Hopefully she will warm up to your son's family and be a happy kitty again. Take care..jj

  7. Its wonderful you could all be together to celebrate and honor your mother's life. Sounds like a heavenly spot, and i'm so glad honey will be able to stay.

  8. What a wonderful heart-filled post. Poor Honey - Hope she will be taken in with the new family.

  9. I'm so sorry to hear about your momma. The lunch for her sounded lovely. I hope that people will have such fond and loving memories of me when I'm not here anymore. Honey-cat tugs at my heartstrings..poor kitty, probably quite confused about where her companion went and why she's not coming back. I love that you're going to try to have her stay where she is. Let's hope your son likes cats. :-)

    Again, I'm sorry for your loss.


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