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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Short Trip Filled with Good Things

This was a nice trip down to the Bay Area. The weather was beautiful and I got to see Mom again. She is doing much better. I think that her trip to the hospital made such a bad impression on her that she has willed herself to feel better. She is on oxygen all the time now. You can see the huge canister next to the bookcase. She calls it the "atom bomb" and doesn't like it in her room. What a funny lady she can be. She has filled her room with many of her belongings from the house. Each time she goes over with someone she brings back more things. The CNA's joke with her that they are going to have to add on an "addition" to her room, soon, so she will have more space to put her things. Mom says if she can't be at home then this is how she makes it feel like "home". They are the nicest folks and take such good care of Mom. They don't seems to mind all the things that she has accumulated. They are so understanding. It makes such a difference to Mom.
A dove is sitting on two eggs on the front porch of the rest home. This bird chose a hanging basket and there she sits (left bottom photo) looking at me and hoping I don't get any closer. I saw Mom everyday and that dove was always there. Mom can see this nest from her window and she is hoping that she will see the babies when they are born.
It was a busy weekend. Saturday we went to our favorite "once a month" store, Room With A Past, on 3rd. St. in Walnut Creek and on Sunday we drove to Berkeley, to an Art Festival at the Live Oak Recreation Center. Lots of beautiful handmade things: Wonderful jewelry, hand crafted one of a kind items that were very beautiful and expensive. The weather was really warm, for Berkeley, and the venue was a lovely park in a residental area at the north end of Shattuck Ave. We had a nice time .
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  1. Connie, I am so glad your mother is doing better. She has a good sense of humor and that is good. Love all the pictures. Glad you had a good trip and visit. Have a great day. Madeline

  2. great posting,I loved the photos.

  3. Your mom is adorable! That is so neat that she can see the mama dove on her nest from the window.

  4. Glad to hear thing are improving with you and family.

  5. So glad to hear Mom is doing better & doing all she can to make her surroundings comfy & familiar- my Dad has surrounded himself in his "assisted living" suite with all he can fit in that small space.
    Bless your Mom for making the best of her space.


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