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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

All is well ; except I forgot the persimmons.

This was a quick trip to see Mom. Just wanted to see her for myself and give her a hug. She's doing so well . She told me that she would probably stay at the care home for a while because she feels so much better, now, and doesn't have to worry about anything like she did at home. We knew that she was having a very hard time trying to take care of everything ,and herself, when she was living at the house but she didn't want to admit it and she really didn't want to leave her home. So all is going well ..., very well indeed. She's happy and well taken care of . What more could we ask for.

I stayed at my sister's house during this visit because I was invited and because Mom's house is kind of lonely to be in without her. It was so nice to be in a home filled with people coming and going, and dogs. I felt very much at home. I had my own beautiful blue bedroom , with a VERY comfortable bed and ATTACHED BATH. That's important when you're my age and get up a lot at night( if you know what I mean ). The three dogs and Ben( my sister's youngest son ) kept me laughing and, all in all, I had a wonderful visit.
My sister's home is lovely and relaxing. I had such a good time. Good food, conversation, and "just chill'in".
Her oldest boy had 4 wisdom teeth pulled on Friday so he was in a lot of pain and I didn't get to see him much, but his girlfriend ( a real Florence Nightingale ) took such good care of him that he has no choice but to get better fast.
The Persimmon tree in sis's front yard (on the bottom middle of the picture above) was breathtaking. The morning I left "the attorney/ farmer dude"( my sister's husband ) went out and picked some for me to take home to the prospector, who loves persimmons and eats them like candy. Somewhere along the Delta highway I remembered that they were still sitting on my sister's kitchen counter.

I'm glad to be home. Now we'll have to find a Persimmon tree around here somewhere. Maybe the farmer's market is still open. The prospector is having a "cow" over the FORGOTTON FRUIT. Like he never forgets anything? Come on!
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  1. Your mom looks so good, all rosey. I am so glad she is feeling better and enjoying her stay in assisted care.

    That persimmon tree is gorgeous. I guess the forgotten fruit wouldn't ship to well. Too bad.

  2. So glad you had a good visit with your sister and her family. So glad to hear your Mom is happy where she is and that you do not have to worry about her being alone. Your pictures are great as usual.

  3. you mom looks so happy and like she is feeling very well... sounds like your sisters house is a great place to stay :) Love the persimmion tree
    Hugs Laura
    HA HA HA wordverification for me is SISTAGA... sister ga LOL thats me!

  4. Glad your Mom has a nice home and no worries. You are getting really good with your pics.
    What is going to happen to your Moms old cat???

  5. I LOOOVE persimmons -- they make the best pudding. YUMMY!

    So delighted to see how fabulous your mother looks and feels in her new situation. What a blessing!

    Sister's homes are a special treat, aren't they? I love visiting my sis and hosting her here. Such fun! (How come it was so awful to share a room for all of those years?) ; )

  6. I'm glad your mom is well. What did you decide to do with her cat?


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