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Sunday, July 20, 2008

What! No window box?

What!..., wait a minute, where's my...., oh no!! Where is my window and the window box I was going to put the flowers in. The prospector made a management decision and ....

Don't you think that a small window would have looked good here. It would have broken up the big space, and with a window box below it I could have put real flowers in it because there is a hose and water close by.
Actually, we did talk about it and he said that we could put one in later if we needed more ventillation. The doors are dutch doors and will have a screen door behind them so , as you can see in the second photo, there will be lots of air flow on hot days.

So I'm thinking that I will fill up that wall with all kinds of things. .., pots of flowers on the ground, old signs and vintage farm things on the wall . Maybe an old window frame in the middle and a WINDOW BOX underneath.

There's no goat DECK either but I have see the error of my ways on this one. Goats like to sit in the dirt or go to sleep in the goat house, or run and play. So, a covered deck would have looked good but probably not have been used much by them. Especially after we fence the area below the house and they spend their day eating grass. What can I say. I got carried away. I'm a decorator . I always want to embellish everything. So, when I finish painting the whole thing I will work some magic on that wall. I've got about a 3rd of the painting done so far. The siding is really soaking up the paint. I will have to do two coats on everything.

Do the goats care about all of this? No..., they are just as happy with an old wash bucket.

They have slept in their new digs for two nights now and the Prospector said that they woke him up at 2:30 last night playing around inside the goat house. He said they were making a lot of noise. Must be the full moon. Silly goats!

I leave for the Bay area today to see my Mom. The painting will be put on hold for a few days. I will be back on Wednesday.
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  1. That Murphy is just keeping you on your toes. Now do you really think he is going to give up his dance secrets?

    The goat house looks great. I really like that door.

    You have a great visit with your mom.

  2. What a beautiful goat house! I love those styles of doors...I totally see your vision with the planter boxes and the vintage tin signs...
    With the goat deck, I'm thinking you could actually sit there... :-), the goats may not use it, but *you* could. :-)


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