I prefer winter and Fall, when you feel the bone structure of the landscape — the loneliness of it, the dead feeling of winter. Something waits beneath it, the whole story doesn’t show. ~Andrew Wyeth

Monday, January 26, 2015

Small Cactus... and Lemon Martinis

The Prospector decided to start a Cactus garden this year. Just a few cacti in some pots. I don't have a problem with this, but they seem to be multiplying. It started out with two cacti in one container and now...
We have many different kinds of cacti in three containers. Where will this all end?
I will admit that I have had nothing to do with this. He bought them, planted them and arranged them on the  small stand, on the front porch, that I was under-utilizing anyway. I'm not complaining. They are very pretty. So different than flowers... more rugged and defensive, but interesting. He waters them, feeds them and seems to enjoy his little grouping of succulents. I just never know what this man is going to find delight in and worthy of his interest. Life is short... we all need to find small things that make us happy. He has found an attraction to these prickly plants.
I like to take close up photos of them. They are symmetrically beautiful. Maybe that's what he likes about them. I will ask. Whatever it is, they make us both happy. It's a small pleasure.

For Christmas the prospector bought me a Meyer Lemon tree. He knew I wanted one and when I actually told him that I would really love to have one, it was almost a guarantee that I would find it in the living room on Christmas Day. It's a dwarf and he's building a big planter for it near the deck. We decided to keep it up near the house where we could protect it (instead of the vegetable garden) because we can get to it more easily and cover it on freezing nights.
We have not had many freezing nights this winter, but we do once in a while and I have lost a couple of citrus trees because we didn't protect them on cold nights. In fact, the weather is so mild this winter, it's like Spring right now. Warm days... cold (but not anywhere near freezing) nights.  All the plants and trees are a bit confused. They are all getting little buds of growth. The lemon tree is no exception.
It is ready to bloom and start its little lemons. I hate to think what will happen if the weather turns on us. Guess we will have a little lemon tree in the livingroom at night. I have big plans for this tree and its lemons. I'm not loosing the tree to carelessness this time.
 I'm personally waiting for these lemons in anticipation of lemon pie, lemon shortbread, fresh lemonade and lemon gelato, homemade Limoncello and... listen very carefully... Lemon Meringue Martinis.
 Yes, Lemon Meringue Martini. Doesn't that just roll right off of your tongue?
We're talking, Limoncello, whipped vodka, half and half and crushed graham crackers around the rim of the glass. Who says you have to be sad when life hands you lemons?  Life is short and when my little Lemon tree hands me lemons... I will be ready.


  1. Sounds like the Forrest Gump movie where his shrimping buddy and partner was naming off all the things you could make with shrimp...

  2. Your husband cactus garden is very pretty. Hope you get lots of lemons from you lemon tree and can make all the things you mentioned. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  3. Okay girl, you chill out with your lemon meringue martinis but you MUST send me some lemon shortbread. Just don't bake the shortbread while you're "cello"ing out! ~Dawn

  4. oy, i hope the lemons make it through...one of my fav treats ever was when we lived in florida and had a lime tree...and an orange tree....it was amazing....cool on the cacti....they have such diversity....

  5. Those are very cool looking cactus plants, and I imagine they are pretty easy to care for. They look very healthy.

    And as for lemons...you have some GREAT recipes awaiting the first harvest of lemons!! Sounds so tasty!!

  6. yeah, I finally figured out why I havn't been able to comment. It's a Firefox/Windows thing. Explorer wins!

  7. If you are concerned about keeping the Meyer from freezing, check out a blog called "Spin Dye Knit". Another lady in California who has fruit trees and uses the old-style Christmas light to keep the tree warm. Not the new LCD ones, the old kind that have bulbs that get warm.

    Best of luck with the Meyer, the martini sounds delightful!
    Chris S in Canada


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