I prefer winter and Fall, when you feel the bone structure of the landscape — the loneliness of it, the dead feeling of winter. Something waits beneath it, the whole story doesn’t show. ~Andrew Wyeth

Monday, June 9, 2014

Perspective from the Porch.

I went outside just before lunch today. The heat was building slowly. I decided that I needed to smell something besides the air-conditioner so I carried my camera around my neck and carefully waddled out to the porch with my walker. I'm getting pretty good at this walker walking.
The thermometer read 100 degrees.
Some things do really well in a heat wave. The cactus is blooming in all of its happiness.
I always forget to water this prickly little plant and it forgives me by producing a most beautiful orange flower.
It needs to be separated and replanted but I need to read up on how you do this. It's a touchy subject.
Pittosporum on the left... Strawberry tree on the right... and in the middle, the lovely Chatalpa tree.
The Chalapa tree is in bloom now and will continue into the summer. It's so beautiful with its azalea like blossoms and lightness of being. We bought this tree a few years ago at the Flower farm in Shenandoah Valley. It's drought resistant, loves hot weather and doesn't need any extra watering when established.
There was some limited verbal chit chat going on at the birdbath. The yellow finches were discussing the weather and didn't seem too happy about it.
They all had their mouths open, as if fatigued with the hot air. 
I'm sure that they are grateful for the water in this intense heat. We fill the birdbath every morning. We have many birds that come to drink and bath here. It pleases everyone.
Even the elusive Cowbird was waiting in the Chatalpa branches, trying to find shade from the heat. This bird makes the most amazing sounds... clicks, whistles and a wonderful song like flowing, gurgling water. I always recognize this bird by its song.
The Hollyhock does well in the heat, but needs a lot of water to keep blooming. It's almost done and will dry up soon. 

Another flower that blooms in the heat...

The garden lady seemed happy with her place under the Rose of Sharon bush.
And in the hanging tea light that my sister made for me...
A Rosy Finch has laid four beautiful eggs. There will be more babies on the porch soon.
Momma finch just fits into the container. It's too funny. All we see is her head and her tail feathers. But she is there all the time, snuggled into her "nest" of choice. Wait until there are four babies. This ought to be fun to watch. What we can't figure out is the TWO males that hang around her all the time. This has been a threesome since the beginning. They both bring her food and they both seem to be at odds with each other. Someone is confused... or momma Finch is playing the field.

Around Noon the heat became too much for me and I retreated into the house for the rest of the day. I'm sure that Miss Mazie was happy to see the dogs and I go. Shortly thereafter, she returned to her nest.

My foot is a little sore today but it's healing. It's pulling a lot, so it must be healing. I can't wait for this to be done so I can go walking again on the road to the river. I miss being down there. Until then... the porch will have to do.
The temperature reached 104 today. It's dry, dusty and intense out there. The Rattlers aren't even showing their faces... but we are vigilant. Tomorrow the Prospector will take the dogs for their Rattlesnake Vaccination Booster and we check the front garden every time they go outside.
Today there was a Red Flag Warning for the Central Northern counties. I'm sure it will be the same tomorrow. We are on alert here. Fires are popping up everywhere.
I really dislike Summer.


  1. Such beautiful photos, as always. Sitting on the porch would be about all I COULD do in that heat!

  2. awww...the nest in the container is cool...love your cactus...we dont get much of that here...i wonder what they talk about at the bird bath. but if it is as hot as it was here yesterday even i bet they were just trying to breath...my sons baseball game last night was miserable...

  3. Beautiful photos. We have been having rain not much but it is keeping things green. Try to keep cool in that hot weather out there. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  4. You have the best porch!! I love all the pictures of the blooms, and the bird pictures are wonderful. I like your work as a photographer. The birds look pretty grateful for the bird bath!

    You really caught my attention with the Rose of Sharon bush, and I'm assuming those are the blossoms on the bush, which are gorgeous. I was drawn to this because I was first introduced to the name Rose of Sharon when I taught the novel Grapes of Wrath in one of my high school English classes. Then, I discovered that this plant was mentioned in the Bible, and that's probably how the character was named. I've never seen a picture of the bush or blossoms, and they are beautiful!! Thanks!!

  5. Wow! How come you always get the coolest bird nests by your house! Hope you're feeling a little better...keep calm and hobble on!

  6. Poor feet. I thought it was hot here! We have had 98 a couple of days and it's too early for that kind of heat. Then a ton of rain. I'm glad I didn't put in a garden because it would have all died by now. Strange weird weather.
    I don't know how you take the rattle snakes.
    Once you get up and going again you'll be back to your chipper self.


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  8. Beautiful pics as always! I'm enjoying catching up favorite blogs after a long break! Hope all is well.


  9. I wish I knew how to take photos as beautiful as yours, Connie! They are always so gorgeous.


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