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Thursday, April 17, 2014

She has a new name... and hair.

Now that my Fairy doll has a mouth, it seems that she want a different name. She says her name is Ariel. 
I decided to look it up, because I thought I better have another answer for people than "That's what the doll told me." That kind of answer could lead to all sorts of speculation on my sanity.
So... the name Ariel means an archangel found primarily in Jewish and Christian mysticism and Apocrypha. The name Ariel, means "Lion of God" and if you keep reading the information on Wikipedia it gets kind of heavy and religious.
 My thinking was more "Hail to thee, blithe Spirit..."or "Spirit of the air"... but the name seems to be rather powerful and filled with mysticism. In one definition she is "a governing angel with dominion over the Earth, creative forces, the North, elemental spirits, and beasts." Elemental spirits are like gnomes, undines (look that one up!) and sylphs. OK! I don't know what a sylph is, but it sounds awfully mythical to me.
I think I will stick to my "Spirit of the air" vision and go with it.
Anyway..... It's what she wants.  Really!

Ariel has hair now. (back view)
I sewed rows of it, one on top of the other... twisting it at the ends (behind the ears) so I would have one continuious row of hair and not pieces at each end. This means that I didn't cut short pieces.I wrapped it back and forth. ( My friend MJ's idea.)
Then I sewed the edges to the scalp. It went well.
The last layer was attached as a separate piece going foward over her face, so I could pull the hair to the side and in front of the ears. Elf type ears are an issue with this doll, because they stick UP and you have to work around them.
The seam between the last hank of hair and the one going foward over her face is covered up by a ribbon with bobbles attached. I only have it pinned on (Those are the tiny white balls that you see.) right now, but I will sew it down and secure it soon. The beads are wonderful. They even look like earrings and the ribbon holds back her hair on each side.
This morning I made her a Nuno scarf. Got out the bubble wrap and the soap...
Found some wool with silk in it and some really pretty fabric...
Cut out the leaves and sparkle... and made her a little neck scarf. It's drying in the kitchen window. It was fun to do something so tiny. It went fast and didn't require a lot of felting.
You will be able to see it better when Ariel is wearing it..
Now, on to the clothing. My art group was here yesterday and gave me all kinds of ideas for Ariel's pretty little body. She's taking on an attitude, so I have to get this right.
I don't want the "Lion of God" to get annoyed.


  1. What fun this is .
    I am enjoying watching her transformation !

  2. ariel is a cool name...
    i dont know that i would be telling too many people the doll told you her name...just saying...ha

  3. Well I can certainly understand why Ariel wanted you to give her her proper name. With that beautiful mane of hair, what could be more fitting than a name that means "lion" of God? This girl definitely knows who she is! I can hardly wait to see her bedecked in "spirited" raiment. ~Dawn

  4. Your doll is coming along just great. love the name. You have done a wonderful job working on her. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  5. Great choice on a name; it seems to fit her perfectly. Her hair is just right! What a beautiful job you've done of attaching it. The felted scarf has all the airy and fairy elements, and I'm anxious to see it on her. Oh, she's looking so good!

  6. Looking' good Connie! Love the little scarf and her hair is lovely!


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