I prefer winter and Fall, when you feel the bone structure of the landscape — the loneliness of it, the dead feeling of winter. Something waits beneath it, the whole story doesn’t show. ~Andrew Wyeth

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The need to hear a joyful noise.

This has been a long week of amazing beauty.. and aching worry.
I had nothing of any merit to write about. Sometimes circumstances of life make for lousy "sharing" and so it's best to be quiet about it.
The amazing beauty was seeing the thousands of Sandhill Cranes in the Delta.
They are here to winter over and breed. They are massive birds that come by the thousands to the California Delta this time of the year. It was a gift that I want to experience again, soon. I was there, by myself, on  Saturday and followed some other folks down Woodbridge Rd in Lodi to see and HEAR these amazing birds. There is nothing like the sound of thousands of cranes calling to each other. It's a cacophony of beautiful noise.
I needed this noise... this beauty.
Sometimes we have to try very hard to keep the balance of joy and sadness in our lives. I have a friend who struggles with a mental illness and she is in the lowest point imaginable right now. Please take a moment to think about those who suffer from diseases that are socially unacceptable... diseases that  show no visible scars. No "Gee, I'm so sorry. When was your surgery?" No survival kudos. It's a place that brings Hell to earth and leaves you with no hope.
I cannot make this go away. I cannot help. I can only be her friend and right now that doesn't seem like enough.

So, you find me in my lovely comfort called home. A respite from the worry... a reprieve from the sadness that is always at the edges.
 And on this day... this place is truly a sanctuary. The weather is bright and cold. It is one of those perfect early winter days when staying indoors seems like an insult to God.
It is also my 69th birthday.


  1. Happy Birthday. Hope you have a wonderful and blessed day. I can just hear the call of the Sandhill canes. I add your friend to my prayer list. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  2. Bless you and your friend, and I hope you enjoy your birthday cuddled in a soft throw, sitting by an open window with a gorgeous view, sipping some hot apple cider, safe with your family and snugly at home. Love Tina


  3. Listening to those Sandhill cranes must have really been something. I envy you.
    Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could experience such joyful sites and sounds whenever we need to drown out, just for a few minutes, some of the agonies of life!
    I know you're expecting L any minute-----you two have a great time.
    Happy birthday you old broad!!! Love ~Dawn

  4. Happy birthday! I, too, have people in my life with mental illness, and it is so hard. But the weather is a boon; we're having the same kind here.

  5. you may not feel it but your friend treasures the fact that you are her friend, always there, always willing to help, always with a kind word. Mental illness is a horrible monster, I pray your friend will find peace soon.
    YOU have a Happy Birthday! You have much to see and do yet and I for one can't wait for the stories.

  6. Oh dear..Farmlady...you have perfectly described my last year..
    the ability to do nothing, not a thing to make another's pain go away...it is truly a desert to be in
    I let myself be driven out of my garden and I should have run into it instead
    Why this year I could not enjoy the solace of nature..I don't know
    Maybe because I know God dwells there for me and I didn't want a meeting....too angry...
    happy birthday....dear blogger friend....you have said what I needed to hear.....open my ears
    and hear
    and find joy
    I will pray for your friend
    pray for a way out of her darkness
    if only for a moment

  7. Happy Birthday to you, it is wonderful when our home can be our sanctuary at times.
    Just being a good friend that is there and doesn't walk away is a true blessing to your friend .

  8. hey you...good to see a post by you...having worked in mental health, i hear you...its a tough time of year as well...its hard to know what you can do as well...will keep her in my thoughts...

  9. Happy Birthday, from very cold West
    Sacramento. bonnye

  10. Im sure you're friend has tried to allow nature into her troubled soul for some respite, not a cure though...it's truly a silent disease in both acceptance and treatment and not to mention the suffering. Your friendship makes a difference even though it may not seem that way.
    On a brighter note...Happy Birthday and may the world always return to you the loveliness you've brought to it.
    Hugs Connie!

  11. Well happy 69th birthday! I wish you a splendid year full of wonderful new adventures and lots of beautiful things to photograph.

  12. Oh, Happy Birthday. I hope you've had a lovely day. Staying indoors as an insult to God... I like that. A beautiful post of beauty and pain.

  13. Happy birthday, and how lovely to see the sandhill cranes and share them with us. I too have a friend with mental health issues that recently sent her into a dangerous depression. You are right, there is little we can do to help. But we do what we can.

  14. Happy Birthday. I will catch up with you in...let me see... seven weeks. This has been a hard year for my daughter-in-law, having the diagnosis of depression was almost a relief. Helping her children to understand has not been easy but we are all getting there. Take care.


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