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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Carl tells the story... Guest post

Hi, Carl and Cutter here.
We came home from our first trip to the ocean yesterday. Cutter and I are sitting on the couch with Farmlady. She is having her Latte...
and we are waiting to lick the cup when she is done.
I'm suppose to tell you about our trip first.... so here goes.
We didn't see this coming. I knew something was up when The Prospector drove that big monster thing up the driveway and parked it in front of the house over a week ago.
They bought this noisy thing, "...so we can take trips and bring the dogs with us. "
Well, that's what they did.
They spend the weekend carrying stuff out to the "BUS" and putting food in the refrigerator. All that activity should have been a sure sign that something was up.
On Monday morning they put our leashes on and took us thought the gate. This usually means A WALK. We got all excited. We pee'd on a few bushes and then...it happen. We were lifted into the BUS. We tried to say "No!" , but they didn't listen.
We were kinda trapped.
"Cutter, I think this is something we haven't done before. Be brave and don't whine."
Cutter was being very quiet.
He tried to look out the windows but they were too high. He was trying to be as calm as he could be... and then the Prospector started the engine. That blew our cover. I started barking and Cutter lost it.

I tried to act calm. I gave them my best "excited dog" look and sat on my pillow... on the couch. Every now and then, I would look over at Farmlady. She would smile and say "It's Ok, Carl." That helped.
This was not going to be fun. Then the BUS started to move.
 Cutter lost it completely. I knew he was afraid, but he panicked and tried to get into the Prospector's lap. He hunkered next to the seat and put his head on Prospector's leg. He can be such a wimp. I knew this would happen.
I guess he wasn't watching me. I tried to show him how to be brave but he's a year younger and he gets scared.
After we drove for a long, long time we stopped near a bridge in a place called Vallejo.
 I heard Farmlady say that this was the turn off for Mare Island. I also heard her say that she had to go to the bathroom and there wasn't one around. She was desperate so she climbed over our crates, that we sleep in, and use the BUS bathroom.
They took us for a walk. Then we got back in the BUS, ate some lunch and started moving again.
We drove for a long time. Finally it looked like home... sort of. The road got small and there were not so many car sounds outside.
One time we passed a big truck and I barked at it.
We finally stopped again and this time we stayed in one place. It smelled different.
The Prospector said it was the Bodega Bay RV Park. He did what he called "hooking up the RV". Farmlady was happy because she was smiling. There was water and the bathroom worked. They put our leashes on and took us for a walk. We went down to a place that was enclosed and we got to run around and pee everywhere. I barked at some other dogs and , for the first time , I thought that this place might not be so bad.
That afternoon we took a walk on a trail to a strange place. It was a pole thing in the middle of a rock wall. Farmlady said it had bells hanging from it. She will tell you more later. Cutter and I pee'd on everything.
We got to go outside again after dinner and it was getting kinda dark. We didn't like being outside in the dark.
I threw up four times that night. Cutter threw up once... and again the next day. The Prospector had to wash all of our bedding the next morning. I think it might have been the brown stuff I ate on the trail. It was pretty good going down.
Well, this is only the first day. Things got better after this. We stayed here for three days and then we got to see the Ocean, for the first time. I will let Farmlady tell you all about it.
Now, I have to catch up on my sleep.


  1. You're a good story-teller, Carl!

  2. ha. glad you were able to enjoy it...even if you got sick and scared a few times....ha...

  3. Love it!!! Hope you had a great trip!!! We always vacationed Gualala to Fort Bragg in our youth, we LOVE it over there!!! My son proposed to his new wife in a blow hole near Mendocino. Loved the story, keep em comin'!!!

  4. Robbi really enjoyed hearing about lucky Corgis on their way to the ocean. Tina is waiting to hear the human parts.

  5. Great story, hope the corgis are ok now. Waiting to hear how they liked seeing the ocean. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  6. Great post. I enjoyed reading it, again and again.

  7. Congratulations on your new RV -very cool. This was a fun way to tell the story.



  8. Dear Carl & Cutter,
    My Mom just read me the cool post you wrote in your mom's blog.
    Sounds like you boys had a pretty good time but don't you just hate it when stuff tastes SO GOOD going down but not so good when it comes back up? Although...once I ate it again!!
    I really don't think it's fair that you didn't get to look out the windows. You guys have a hard enough time as it is with those short little legs of yours. My mom puts my "Princess pillow" on her lap and I get to spend almost all our travel time sitting or lying on her lap looking out the windshield! It's way cool! I think your mom should get a big King-size pillow so there's room on her lap for both of you. You'll see, you'll love it!
    Well, gotta go safeguard my folks against the big storm we're having.
    Love, Mugs (Charming Baglady's dog-kid)
    P.S. My mom wants to see more pictures of the inside of the BUS.

  9. Well I am glad to hear my fav two Corgis made it there safe and sound . Pee on little doggies :))

  10. great job post fellas. I LOVE Bodega Bay, I have a friend who has a house there. Did you know they filmed the movie 'The Birds' there? probably, you're pretty smart. I'm glad you were able to keep calm and help keep your brother from being too scared. Tell your mom her header picture is most gorgeous! talk soon.


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