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Monday, October 7, 2013

“Creativity is contagious, pass it on” – Albert Einstein

I'm pretty much a meat and potatoes person when it comes to clothing. My favorite outfits consist of jeans and a blue,long sleeved shirt. I roll up the sleeves and put on the most comfortable shoes I can find, be they Berkie's, boots or Keens, and I'm good to go.
But, I appreciate folks who have the imagination and the fortitude to wear "OUTRAGEOUS"  and do it well.
At *Art is You* I saw so many people who seem to be able to pull off really amazing outfits. Some were really wild and some... just looked great in an interesting and artful way.

This was Lorri-Marie Jenkins. 

She is an artist and lives in Benicia, CA. She decided to have her hair done in dreadlocks a few years ago. When this wasn't enough, she started wrapping her dreads in bright wool fleece which, after many washings, have become one with her hair (felted). Amazing! I love it!

This was our master of ceremonies... Rice Freeman-Zachery
She is one of the most inspirational artist that I have listened to. She always makes me feel good about finding the "artist" inside.

I didn't get a clear photo of her this year so I appropriated one from Google images. Even this one is not really clear. It's probably because she never stops moving. But, look at that red hair, the tattoos and the red tutu.

OH, yes... tutu's. Which brings me to another dynamo... Carrie Clayden.
This is her with my sister.
And this is the bottom half of her with one of her signature TUTUs on.
Carrie owns Hip Chick Designs in Benicia, CA.
She was even selling tutus at the Trunk show and sale on Saturday night.
She taught the Pet Portrait workshop that my sister took. She always wears wonderful handmade outfits that have "ARTIST" written all over them.

Then we saw this amazing shirt... in the lobby one day.
This woman was one of the attendees that looked great in a very subdued and creative way. She said that her top was a creation of VonksArt on Itsy and a "adornment" artist named Vainca Bauman.  Here's the link.
There was even a class at *Art is You* that was taught by Lorri Scott on re- purposing clothing and an impromptu fashion show of what people made in her class. I just couldn't take all the classes that I wanted to. This is one I missed. Maybe next year. I took a Nuno Felting class from her two years ago. She's a great teacher.
 This woman, above, was more the style statement that I like. More subdued... but creative and eye catching.
I'm sure that I missed a lot of artist and creative outfits.... they were everywhere.
My point to all of this is that you don't have to hide your wild clothing... that beautiful scarf or crazy pair of shoes... in your closet.
Wear what makes you feel good. Sew it, paint it, decoupage it and glue things to it. Make it say something about you.
Dye your hair orange if you want to. Get that tattoo.
Life is short. Be brave and wear your adornments proudly. 
Go ahead and draw with markers on an old pair of jeans.
Rice can't leave her husband alone . She paints everything. These are his famous jeans. He is our resident ~Art is You~ photographer.

So... what are you going to redo, this week?
What can you create that says something about yourself?

“Think left and think right
 and think low and think high.
 Oh, the things you can think up
 if only you try” – Dr. Seuss



  1. hmmmmm still thinking about these
    I think Ill stand in your line

  2. heh...i wear a mohawk...
    but i would love orange dreds...
    but i'd wear jeans any day...i did rock a scarf today though...smiles.

  3. Some people can get away with this kind of style but if I put on a tutu with orange dreads in my hair, I would just look like a crazy person! I like the woman's style with the striped skirt...a different look but not too over the top.
    I guess it takes a strong sense of self and a 'don't give a shite what anyone thinks' attitude!

  4. I'm very much like you these days but your post has reminded me that I haven't always been, I could be pretty outrageous with colour until about 10 years ago when the urge to wear brightness just left me. Wonder where it went? Doesn't matter, I don't want it back, love my jeans and plain shirt.

  5. Call me old fashion. I do not believe in getting tattoos or wearing outlandish outfits. When I used to square dance I wore the tutu slip under my skirt. It does take all kinds of people to make this world go round so I say to each his own. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  6. I just got done sewing a pioneer woman's costume for an event I will be in this month, and I got a lot of compliments on it at the dress rehearsal, and felt really comfortable wearing the long sleeves and skirts and high collar. But what I really like to wear are my clothes made of old barkcloth. It is comfortable, colorful, warm, and just me. I loved seeing all these ladies' great fun clothing. Although a tutu on me would be a bit much, I applaud the originality.

  7. The gal with the striped skirt was more in my design arena! I can't do outlandish, don't like to draw that much attention!


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