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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Sunrise over Rim Fire

Aug. 31, 6:30 p.m. — The Rim Fire has burned 222,777 acres.

Containment has been brought to 40 percent.

The fire burned mostly south and east today.

Crews made "good progress" on containing the spot fire that crossed Old Yosemite Road and forced mandatory evacuations late Friday night and were lifted Saturday afternoon (see below).

Backfire operations were completed between Big Oak Station and Hazel Green Ranch. Also, "good progress" was made in backfire operations near Crane Flat Lookout.

A backfire operation is planned at the eastern edge of the fire in Yosemite National Park between Hetch Hetchy Reservoir and Harden Lake as conditions allow.
Crews will also continue reinforcing the protection along the Highway 108 corridor and on Dodge Ridge.

(credit to USA Today for the above information.)

Less smoke today. A front has come from the Pacific and is moving over Northern California and some moisture from the south. This is moving smoke to the east more. Maybe those fighting the fire will get some help from Mother Nature.


  1. Moisture and rain would be a blessing as the firefighters work to stop this fire. Stay safe.

  2. Spectacular photos well worth getting up at sunrise to take. . . beauty from devastation. Hope the wind blows the smoke away from you at last.

  3. I wish there was a way to take the rain they are getting in the east and blowing it towards CA, all day yesterday the sky here was full of smoke as the winds brought it towards the south along the Sierras, we also have a big one in the Sequoia National Park. Winter can not get here soon enough for me this year.

  4. Sending prayers .
    Amazing that something so devastating can create such beautiful sunrise photos.

  5. si were you evacuated earlier in the weekend as well? scary stuff....glad you got a bit of relief from the smoke as well...

  6. incredible photos were it not for the tragedy of those fires, praying for rain (something I never thought I'd have to do!) May the Lord bless all those wonderful fireman, protect them and keep them safe.

  7. I hope the rain comes to help put out the fire. If I could I would send some of the rain we are getting today to that area. Have a blessed day. The photos are great. Madeline

  8. Fantastic pictures...so dramatic!! But I'm so sorry the fire is big and hard to contain; the smoke must be awful. I, too, hope Mother Nature helps out soon.


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