I prefer winter and Fall, when you feel the bone structure of the landscape — the loneliness of it, the dead feeling of winter. Something waits beneath it, the whole story doesn’t show. ~Andrew Wyeth

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

It's So Hot.......one of my chickens laid a hard boiled egg.

Well, not really... but I'm trying to find my sense of humor in all this summer heat.
My broody little bantie, Squeakie, wasn't happy with me yesterday morning because I took the only egg that was laid all day. The chickens are affected by the heat too. They just don't want to make the effort.
Squeakie was upset. She wanted to sit on an egg and I, the mean Farmlady, took it.
She went looking but... no eggs. She said something under her breath and left me holding the only chichen product of the day. I know she thought I was taking her child or something. She was not happy about this. Good grief!
With sweat rolling down my face and seeing my sense of humor melting in the heat, I thought about an email I got from my friend in Michigan, recently. She wrote,
 "I always heard the expression, "It's so hot you could fry an egg on the sidewalk" and I always wanted to try it.  I think you should find a spot in your yard with a bit of concrete or a flat rock and try it.  Photographic documentation would make a great blog post."
 I thought...Well what else have I got to do in this heat.
So, here it is.

Yesterday afternoon at 1:28 p.m...
 It was hotter than a fire cracker lit on both end.

I took that one chicken egg of the day,
and cracked it open on the hot concrete between the garage and the house.
At first it just sat there going "Why, why?" Then it started to bubble.
Within a half hour, it had more bubbles and was looking a little stiff.

After a few hours, and getting tired of going outside to check, I drove down town to mail some bills and go to the store. When I returned at about 3:30,

 this was the condition of the egg.
Obviously not a 3 minute egg with toast.
By then the temperature had risen to 107 degrees, in the porch shade, so I gave up. It seemed like this egg was never going to cook. As far as I was concerned, I had collected all the data I needed, Maybe this egg would have fried on a rock in Death Valley but it wasn't going to fry itself here, in my yard.

This morning the damn egg was done.
Hard and pretty much cooked. I forgot to use a non stick spray so I had to scrape it up with some particles of gravel and dog hair.
 It took all night and most of yesterday, but here it is.
Would you like this with toast or an English muffin?
Bacon or sausage?
Has anyone else done this experiment? Let me know. We can write a thesis... together.

This morning I found this monkey in the refrigerator.
Do you think that Squeakie did it? I better leave her an egg today. She can be brutal when she gets her feathers in a wad.


  1. geezz....ok maybe the chick was afraid you would waste it on the concrete...smiles....umm...yeah i wouldnt eat it...smiles...stay cool....maybe a bag of ice....to sit on...

  2. You didn't use non-stick spray! LOL. I love the mystery of the monkey in the fridge.

  3. I'll take your 107 for my 113 ... today is cloudy again from monsoon in Mexico, sticky, humid.

  4. I think it is a hoot that you attempted to fry the egg on the concrete....if I guessed I thought it would have cooked better too.

    My hat is off to you for having a little fun in the awful heat.


  5. I have always heard that old saying, but never have tried it. I am so glad to hear that it did fry but not to well. Have a blessed evening and a great and safe 4th of July. Stay cool. Madeline

  6. Charming BagladyJuly 2, 2013 at 9:15 PM

    Wow! You really did it. That's funny! I'm surprised it stayed overnight. I would have expected some critter to eat it. Maybe you should have added a pinch of salt & pepper! Dawn
    P.S. May I please have some hollyhock seeds?

  7. I love that Squeaky girl. She and that monkey are COOL in more ways than one!

  8. Congrats on your successful experiment! I'm glad the thought of my frosty fingers and toes cools you down a bit. Wouldn't it be divine if we could live somewhere where the temperature was perfect all year round??

  9. I've never seen it tried before, but I'm fascinated that it really works. I'll pass on the breakfast, though ;)

    I hoping the weather breaks for you soon.


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