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Saturday, October 13, 2012

A Day at Apple Hill

Last Sunday we got a phone call from our daughter-in-law. She was heading up to Apple Hill for the day with the Beans, our grandchildren, and wanted to know if we could drive over and met her there. She was already in Folsom.
 We had been picking our own pumpkins and doing some garden chores so we both needed showers. We cleaned up, put the dogs out in the back yard and left.
It was a beautiful Fall day... warm, breezy and a great day to take a drive to Placerville.
Apple Hill is an Association of Ranches that are in the foothills, east of Placerville and west of Pollock Pines, on the north side of Highway 50. It's open all year long but right now it's apple harvest time and all of the farms are opens for business.We met at this farm and they were waiting for us.
We met them in the parking lot. They had been here before. They knew the routine. Mom got a bag for each of the Beans. The rule was that they would carry their own bag to and from the orchard so they were only to fill the bag about half way.

The apple orchard was beautiful. 
The boys went to work finding and picking the apples.

 The trees were filled with apples. This was the Fuji apple section.
 Big Bean got right into his work. He disappeared into the branches.

 and carefully examined each apple to be sure it was "Perfect!"

 "Papa, are you eating one of the apples?
The Prospector was caught red handed. He had no excuse except, "It was laying on the ground."
Little Bean said in a low voice, 
"Papa, you not suppose to eat them yet."
 The Bean just shook his head.
 Then, they went back to some serious apple picking.
 Papa helped reach the perfect apples that were out of reach. The Bean watched Papa to be sure he didn't eat any more apples.
 Little Bean is 5 years old. He loves to clown around. "What big eyes you have, sweetie."
 "Are the bags half full yet? What a minute. Papa is carrying the apples. Did we forget the rule?"
That's a high, and low, five going on there. Someone is making "deals".
"Oh no, this one has a worm in it."

So Papa carried the bags of apples back to the  farm and the Beans went off to play on the tire swing
 under the very tall trees.
 I guess grandparents can change the rules once in a while.

We ate lunch behind this barn and then paid for our apples... plus one, that was missing in action...inside Papa's stomach.
 Little Bean found a pumpkin that was bumpy.
 and different from the others. 
"Look Noni, this one has bumps on it."
 Then we packed up and drove to Abel's Acres.
 This is a big commercial farm that has lots of things to see, do and BUY. The Beans got free balloon hats... and swords... and sword holders Wow! The lady who did this was amazing. She just asked them what they wanted and then twisted and blew these balloons into anything.. Amazing! The Beans were pirates and they had a balloon sword fight that looked pretty authentic and didn't hurt anyone.What fun!
 They ran though a hay maze for a while and wore themselves out.
 Looked for the perfect pumpkin... again.
And, finally, sat down with that glazed look that said, "We're tired. It's time to go home."
We said our goodbye's, gave them the pumpkins we had grown at home with each Bean's name etched into them and drove off in different directions.
It was a really great day spent with our grandchildren and their mom. 
I will be down at their house on Halloween. It's tradition.
Can't wait!


  1. Wow, I got tired just reading about all the great things you did. It sounds and looks like the perfect Fall outing with the grandchildren.

  2. oh they are so cute....grandpa too :)
    I talked to my grnadchildren today and they were headed out to pick apples! in california I asked
    my son laughed....I wonder where they went....Did you take pictures of their pumpkin names?
    Sounds like you had a great time
    actually those boys are handsome!
    Aren't we lucky to be grandmas

  3. Oh for the perfect Fall afternoon!! And those bean brothers are just growing so tall, and the hair on the older boy...I am jealous! Glad you had a nice day C....take care.

  4. smiles...what fun....we will go to the orchard in the next week or so to get our pumpkins...and do the maze...we used to go apple picking in MD at the orchards as well....looks like the boys...and papa had a bit of fun...i imagine you did as well..smiles...nice pics...

  5. Looks like such a great day! My niece and nephew used to work at Abel's Acres, and I LOVE Apple Hill! I really enjoyed this post.

  6. Always wanted to go to Apple Hill, just never made the trip I still have a booklet they put out over 20 years ago when it was a much smaller group of growers. (I save way too much stuff, LOL)

  7. I've never been to apple hill. Wanted to, but then thought of.all the crowds, and decided against it. I'm not much for big groups of people. Nice that you got to spend some time with you daughter and grand kids.

  8. What a perfect Fall day....working in the garden, apple picking with grandchildren, lots of fun times of making memories!

  9. What fun you all must have had. The apples look really delicious. Your grandsons are growing up so fast. Great photos. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  10. Your story much enjoyed! I am friends with several apple hill growers (the wives, LOL) and they are mostly smaller farms. Heidi beat me to the punch telling you about our connection to Abel's. Isn't it a beautiful area? If today wasn't Sunday I would want to head up there again. I am glad for the crowds, they will do a good business, but don't like to get in the midst of them myself. Tina

  11. So lovely! These are the memories they'll carry with them forever. I remember apple picking as a child in Ontario. I was a city kid so going to the country and wandering around those orchards is etched in my memory bank. Did you take pictures of those pumpkins with their names in them? That sounds cool!


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