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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Camels in Jackson?

The Prospector came back from town yesterday and as he walked in through the door he said, " You better get in the car and go down to Tractor Supply. There's a photo shoot waiting for you down there. There's a camel waiting for his picture to be taken."
 It seems that the new Tractor Supply, in town, had put together a small "Noah's Ark" out in the front of the store.Well, I can't pass up something like that. I had to go into town anyway to get some groceries. I took my camera, hoping it would focus (I've been having trouble with it.) and drove downtown.
Tractor Supply Co. is a new store in our area selling way more than tractors. It's like a feed and supply/ hardware/ clothing/ everything "farm" related store that, so far, seems to be doing well here and has fairly competitive prices.
I pulled into the parking lot and right away I saw the camels. You cannot miss a camel in a parking lot. They're HUGE.
I got my camera ready and walked across the parking area . The first animals I walked by were these miniature cattle.
A lady was feeding one of them some green leaves. I hoped the leaves were OK. This little guy was really enjoying them.
 There was a cute little horse.
Who came over to say hello.

 I asked him if he wanted to come home with me so my "beans" could ride him, but he didn't answer my question. I suspect he just wanted something to eat.
There were rabbits,
And ducks and domesticated Turkeys.
This beautiful blond turkey must have thought the ducks were her babies. She was kind of herding them around and watching over them. It was very sweet behavior!
There was one little goat that looked like my Brownie when he was young. I couldn't bear to take its picture. I miss my goats so.
But nothing was more amazing than the CAMELS. There were two of them They were Bactrian Camels that originated in Central Asia. A Bactrian has two humps.
This one (above) seemed older than the one below.
These camels can live up to 40 or 50 years of age. Those humps don't hold water either. It's fatty tissue.
The smaller one was pacing. It seemed anxious. Then some woman came up and started rubbing one of them. It stopped, kind of got all groovy and just mellowed out.
Maybe he (she?) just needed a little attention.
The camel settled down and got that look on his face like my goats use to when I would rubbed their necks and faces.
This one was older. The teeth looked old. But he/she was enjoying the attention.

They are very tall animals, amazingly tall, and majestic. They have beautiful eyes... horse eyes... and they watch you intently.
Maybe these were mates... or Mom and child. I don't know. But, they were wonderful to watch.
Please take a look at this link if you care to know more about Camels. They are fascinating creatures and I was so glad that I got to see them.
My Nikon D40 didn't fail me. I think it knows that I ordered a new Nikon. It's been working better the last few days. Interesting. But, the lens is making a funny noise and seems out of focus. I had to sharpen these photos with Picasa.
I'm waiting for my new camera, the Nikon 5100D, with the vibration reduction lens, 3D tracking, a flip out rotating monitor... and video with sound.
Oh my gosh... it's in the mail. It's coming!  I can't wait.
No man, animal, flower or cloud will be safe from my incessant obsession.
Have a wonderful Sunday... 


  1. There are some somewhere in CA ... when I took my fleeces to the mill last week they had some camel hair roving they had processed ... oh was it soooooooooo soft.

  2. There are some somewhere in CA ... when I took my fleeces to the mill last week they had some camel hair roving they had processed ... oh was it soooooooooo soft.

  3. oh fun fun...i love tractor supply....ours does this every once in a while...i love the long haired cattle...they are so cool looking ...smiles....fun stuff...

  4. Well, those tractor folks certainly know how to put on a good show don't they. I guess the one camel being petted just needed some reassurance that all was safe. How funny!

    Wow. I would not know what the heck to do with such a fancy camera but it sure would be fun trying to figure it out. Now you can make videos and put them on your blog.

  5. I wouldn't have guessed there was anything wrong with your camera! I swear that's the first time I've seen a photo of a camel's tooth - it does look old. Love how you captured the camel's gentle eyes and contented expressions. Hope you remembered to go to the grocery store! :)

  6. When I was a teenager I used to collect everything'camel'. I was facsinated by them and still find them very cool. When we went to Morocco years ago, I lived my dream by riding one into the Sahara Desert for an overnight campout with the Berber people. I'll tell you this though...not a comfortable ride. A horse's stride uses the opposite legs whereas a camel's is 'same sided' or 'gated'. Really great closeup shots Connie. What fun!

  7. It was real nice to see all these wonderful animals. Your photos are great. Have a blessed day and a great October. Madeline

  8. I'm loving your new camera shots! You (and your camera) are really getting some good shots. My favorite is the one of the camel all by himself with the little smirk on his face! Fantastic! Keep it up, C!

  9. Did you feel a cool down today? Can't wait to see if weatherman's predictions are going to come true.


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