"So prayer is our sometimes real selves trying to communicate with the Real, with Truth, with the Light. It is us reaching out to be heard, hoping to be found by a light and warmth in the world, instead of darkness and cold. Even mushrooms respond to light - I suppose they blink their mushroomy eyes, like the rest of us."
~Anne Lamott~
(Help, Thanks, Wow: The Three Essential Prayers)

Sunday, August 26, 2012

On the road again.

I will be gone for almost a week. I'm going down to see my family. The Beans (my two grandsons) start school on Wednesday and Noni (that would be me) wants to be there. This also gives me a chance to visit with my son's, and my sister, and my extended family.
See you in a week...

While I'm gone Carl and Cutter will guard the farm... and the Prospector... and the rug...


  1. Yep, they look to be on bed guard duty alright!! Have a great trip and get lots of bean lovin' to hold you over for a few weeks. Travel safe friend.

  2. So glad the rug will be well guarded while you are gone, I'm sure they will do an excellent job. Have a fun, safe trip.

  3. they look ever ready to defend...smiles....travel light, be safe...have fun...

  4. Have a safe trip. Enjoy your family. Have a safe trip back home. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  5. So glad to know they are on duty! You should not have to worry while you're away!

  6. Have a wonderful time and a safe trip!

  7. who will be guarding whom?
    and who will cook?


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