I prefer winter and Fall, when you feel the bone structure of the landscape — the loneliness of it, the dead feeling of winter. Something waits beneath it, the whole story doesn’t show. ~Andrew Wyeth

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Friends, dogs, yoyos and dragonflies

My friend "C" was here last week. It was so good to see her. She drove up in a new car, a beautiful new Honda which she deserved and needed. She has been driving around in an old Honda stick shift for years. She thinks she is in the lap of luxury now. It's a beautiful car.
She brought Max, the Havanese, with her. This was a beautiful foothill afternoon... not too warm, with a little breeze. Max was getting use to his new environment. He was sniffing and trotting everywhere.
Cutter followed Max around constantly.
They all marked each other's footprints until there was no liquid left inside any of them.
Carl finally decided that it was too much effort to follow Max around all day so he found a soft spot in the sweet alyssum and relaxed.
Following Max around, in the sun, was too much for this corgi.

While we were sitting outside something flew over us and landed on the fence. It caught my eye right away in the afternoon sun.  It was a bright red-orange, bi-wing dragonfly.
A beautiful Dragonfly with transparent wings and huge eyes.
It sat there barely moving, while I slowly and carefully got closer.
 Do you know the difference between a dragonfly and a damselfly? The dragonfly cannot fold their wings flat against the body. They extend them to the sides, horizontally. Damselflies hold them toward the rear, vertically.
Both insects mate in flight.
Amazing! I'd like to see humans do that. The eggs are fertilized and deposited in or close to water. The naiads eat insects, tadpoles and even small fish (really small). Fully grown, but not looking at all like the adults, they crawl out of water, split their skin and release the adult. A magical metamorphosis.
Dragonflies and Damselflies destroy huge amounts of mosquitoes, so don't spray anything toxic in your garden. Let nature do it's job.
I love the dragonflies. We see a lot of them this time of the year... hundreds of them flying through the air... black, bright blue, brown in color. Amazing , and fossils have been found that look like dragonflies that date back 300 million years. As small as they are, they have survived in this predatory world. Man should watch, listen and learn from these interesting insects.

The dogs settled in and actually enjoyed each other. We fed them separately and they all slept in their own crates.
That night "C" and I got out the yoyo makers.
And the pretty assortment of fabric squares.
Read the directions and finally got it all figured out. It was fun. Something different. These little puffy fabric circles can be used to make blankets, purses, and added to anything to accessorize and add some fun.
This is a "yoyo".
The possibilities are endless. Google "fabric yoyos" and see what comes up. It's amazing. In fact... here is a link for you. Have some fun. It's a very portable hobby and just down right pretty.
"C" and I had a little bit of a learning curve, but once we got it we were off and running. The plastic forms are the easiest way to make them. I won't tell you which yoyos I made, but the ones that look the most perfect were "C"s. She sews more that I do. That's my excuse.
Oh, and get some really good scissors.
These are wonderful and have a spring in them (like cutting shears in the garden) and a lock... and a cover for the blades. They were $17.00 at the Sewing Cottage but JoAnns might have them cheaper. I don't know how I lived without them. They are worth the price to me.

Later that evening Max found the perfect spot to get away from Carl and Cutter. He liked his position, on the back of the couch. Little Max playing it safe...
What a cutie!


  1. I made a doll out of those back in the 70's....goodness am i that old already?
    I used a paper form....and I would nover do it again...
    but the good thing is...my daughter Amy actually went downstairs in the basement and looked for it....she's 39
    My girlfriend made a bedspread...
    she's my nutty friend
    I noticed your far view of the earth around you....wow that storm must have been something
    Have a great time without me...
    I'll be filling the feeders...
    so happy for you that you have such a wonderful friend to be all girly with

  2. You've had great visitors - a friend, a cute dog, the beautiful dragonfly. That really is one cute little dog!

  3. Lovely shots of the copper dragonfly Connie. We get all kinds at our little pond and just the other day I saw a big blue one depositing eggs in the water. I have found the dragonfly casing on bits of marsh grass. It's quite magical. Like a snakeskin. I've heard it can take up to 2 tears for them to hatch out. Truely amazing creatures! Have fun yo-yoing...

  4. Oh, goodness! I don't know where to start! Adorable little Max and I love the Corgis too. AMAZING dragonfly photos - again, definitely frameable! I have a yoyo quilt started somewhere in my stash of UFO's...I should find them and work on them this winter. Enjoyed the visit - thanks!


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