I prefer winter and Fall, when you feel the bone structure of the landscape — the loneliness of it, the dead feeling of winter. Something waits beneath it, the whole story doesn’t show. ~Andrew Wyeth

Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Bad Fairy of the Foothills is here Early.

Last Sunday was Mother's Day. The Prospector generously took me out to our favorite restaurant for dinner.
It's Italian. It's a beautiful place. The food is delicious and the weather was beautiful.
I had gotten a card from my oldest son.

This card is a keeper. Oh yes!
My youngest son called to wish me a happy day and , all in all, it was a wonderful Mother's Day.
I even got a kiss from my magic goat.

I've been in the garden all week... watering, weeding and hoping for the pumpkin seeds to germinate.
They did...
The tomatoes are growing by inches every day.
I bought a cucumber (an Armenian Cucumber). The very pale, long ones. to go with all the tomatoes and lettuce. Oh, the salads there will be.

Look at this lettuce. It's so beautiful.
Once in a while I check for bugs and eat a leaf or two right there in the garden. This lettuce is delicious. Murph' and Brownie like it as well.
They are not discerning animals though and will eat anything that I hand through the fence. When I say " Hey, guys. Want some .... (what ever it is I happen to have.)?"  They stop in their tracks.
"Farmlady has some goodies for us."
I can see the wheels turning in Murphy's head. He always tried to be the goat closest to the fence. If Brownie gets in front of him he pushes Brown away. He's very serious about ~Special Treats~

Last night, after dinner, I fertilized the roses and watered everything in the garden behind the house, staying out until almost dark. 
I came in and started the dishwasher, cleaned myself up and fell asleep on the couch watching House Hunter's in.... I think it was the Bahama's.
I forgot about the BAD FAIRY that arrives about now. She turns herself into the EVIL SPIRIT OF THE WELL this time of the year. and becomes a constant problem all summer. Her other incarnation is FIRE.

This morning I woke up to, "Don't turn any water on, flush the toilet or take a shower. The well is dry."  
Now this was not good. I had to be at the Master Gardener Tomato Plant show and workshop in an hour and a half. The Prospector had plans to spend the day at the Auction House in town. He was set on outbidding everyone for a used trommel (mining equipment).
Well, guess who got to take his place at the Auction while he waited for the well guy to come and give us an informed opinion on what was wrong?
I left for a quick run to the Tomato Show (grumbling all the way) to see what they had .. and then, on to the Auction. We planned to do a telephone bid, with the Prospector on one end and me on the other. I have to say that this was met with a lot of disagreement at home this morning, when he first asked me about doing it. But I finally caved, and walked into the Auction House trying to act like I wasn't the ONLY WOMAN IN THE WHOLE PLACE . It was an auction with lots of ladders, shovels, tool chests and miscellaneous "man cave, garage" stuff. It was not really my antique, thrift shop style.
 About an hour into the Auction I got a phone call. 
It was the Prospector saying that the well guy had come and gone. We (That would be me.)  used too much water yesterday and the well shut down. The guy said that the water level was coming back up and everything else looked good. He said to let it recover for about 24 hours and then be careful about using too much water at one time. Lordy! I knew that! I just forgot about the EVIL SPIRIT. It wasn't hot enough. It wasn't time for water conservation yet.
 I was glad we weren't looking at thousands of dollars, that we didn't have, to fix something that we absolutely cannot live without. But, I was even more relieved that the Prospector was going to get in his truck and come down to the auction, saving me from all the strange men and doing his own bids. 
He came, he got into a bidding war with one other person and ... he lost his trommel to an old guy with a dog. 
It was that BAD FAIRY turned EVIL SPIRIT of the WELL and there was nothing we could do about it. 
She is up to no good. She's a bad one.... and carries matches in her back pocket.


  1. oh i hope that bad fairy goes away for you...not a lot of fun being on water conservation....that is a cute card from your little...i am glad you had a good mothers day...

  2. Hope your luck turns and the spirits turn to good! I can't imagine that it is so hot and dry already. I remember afewyears ago when the fires wereso close to my son's place in Mariposa. scary..... Maybe sending some of my good thoughts will help over-ride some bad fairy antics!
    :-) Sue

  3. I know all too well (pun there) the havoc that running low or out of water can cause. 2 weeks ago I put the dogs out before taking Bella to a very expensive vet appointment and notice a large spray of water shooting across the pasture. Pressure tank had sprung a very large leak. I filled every water trough, canning pot, soup pot, lemonade jar, large containers, and the bathtub with water and then shut the water off for 2 days, until new tank was installed. Living just a mile from the river and having a backup well for the livestock has been a blessing since moving here. Used to live in the Santa Cruz Mountains with an old hand dug spring, needed to call the water truck every two weeks thru most summers. Good luck, looks like fire season will be here early this year. Take care.

  4. I shouldn't say this...but I loved every word you wrote...gave me huge giggle in my gut
    You are a better woman than me...I don't think I could go to that man auction...would he go to a garden club tea?
    ha ha hee hee
    still laughing
    but glad you have water...love that you grow pumpkins
    and that card...precious keeper

  5. Yikes! I hope you've seen the last of her...;j

  6. Great Post! I've always dreamed of having a small piece of land and living off the land. Maybe I will someday after I have explored the US in my RV, just don't know where I want to live.

  7. We are heading into the same season of the 'Evil Spirit' although today it's raining like mad. When I read 'dishwasher' I thought WOW! we can't have one or do laundry here in the summer...our dishwasher is called the "Tom-o-matic" except if he cooks then its the "Kerry-o-matic"!
    I just planted some Armenian Cukes the other day. I've never had them before so I'm hoping they're successful. Love the card!


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