I prefer winter and Fall, when you feel the bone structure of the landscape — the loneliness of it, the dead feeling of winter. Something waits beneath it, the whole story doesn’t show. ~Andrew Wyeth

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Camo Toad

I saw movement in the weeds next to the raised bed in the vegetable garden.
I stepped back in quick reaction and then took a closer look.
My eyes didn't focus at first. I thought I saw a rock below the stinging nettles. Then, slowly, a shape appeared.
I looked closer...
There, under the weeds, in between the dirt and rocks, was a toad. This toad was the same color as the dirt. He was so camouflaged that I almost didn't see him.
He was "walking" not hoping and he had warts, so I think he was a small toad.
 Amazing, how this little creature blended in with his surroundings. Another phenomena of Mother Nature... another lesson that we can learn about being who we are and living within the confines of our nature.


  1. true on the wisdom gleened...we used to get them coming up from the lake all the time growing up...had one as a pet for a bit...

  2. Beautiful toad ~ they are amazing creatures!

  3. Would it be related if I told you we were having frog legs for dinner? The toad might not like the news, but bull frogs make such a fuss at night near the ponds and lakes of my youth...

    Lovely pic and post as usual...

  4. he so cute...warts and all! Looks like you are having lovely Spring weather. *sigh*

    Love your new header. How do you get the photo centered? Mind is always way too big and over to the side. another *sigh*

  5. It is truly remarkable how mother nature keeps Gods small creatures out of harms way. Great photos. Have a blessed evening. Madeline

  6. I have tons of those toads, keep thinking I will have my own "frog" jumping contest. Be careful if you have dogs that the dogs don't touch them, they are not poisonous but they are toxic .... one of my dogs got ahold of one a few years ago and kept foaming at the mouth.
    Guess they don't taste as good as the dog thought.

  7. There is a HUGE toad that lives all summer in my "hose box" by my house. I think he likes it because it's always shaded and the ground is cooler there because it's near the water faucet. When ever I open the box to unwind the hose, I always say "Hello Mr. Toad!".

  8. DO only small toads have "warts" Farmlady? I don't know much about them, I only know about the nasty ones in Queensland, called Cane Toads & they are terrible pests.
    God must have had a purpose for them all, including those rattlers!

  9. Love the wisdom gleaned. It is quite amazing that something can blend into their surroundings as well as that. Beautiful pictures!

  10. Yes isn't nature amazing in how she dresses things! And Farmlady is amazing as well for being able to see this toad in his disguise! I can't wait for spring to come...I've heard the spring peeper frogs but only when it's warmer...what do they do when the frost comes? Crawl back to where it's warmer I suppose.
    Nice new header!

  11. I had a visit from my toad just the other day...and it was joy
    to see him.... healthy garden

  12. Great post, Lovely blog! I'm a new follower!
    Anne ♥♥

  13. Oh, he's actually cute! I didn't see him at first either but then I did. I love how he is blends in so well...

  14. I love when I make small discoveries like this little toad when I would work out in the garden. Just the other day while cleaning a flower bed I ran across what I at first thought was a garden snake. After Carol was snake bit a couple of years ago when we lived farther out in the country I wanted to catch that critter and make sure it wasn't poisonous. Turned out when I caught it it was a young mountain boomer lizard. Needless to say, I tucked him back in the garden under one of our decorative logs.
    They are great bug catchers.

  15. That's the wartiest today I've ever seen! Nature has done a wonderful job of protecting that little guy!

  16. That's the wartiest today I've ever seen! Nature has done a wonderful job of protecting that little guy!


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