I prefer winter and Fall, when you feel the bone structure of the landscape — the loneliness of it, the dead feeling of winter. Something waits beneath it, the whole story doesn’t show. ~Andrew Wyeth

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Corgi Cam

Cleaned the house today and helped The Prospector give Brownie his shot. I will tell you about Brownie when I have day that I can do a long post. He's getting better. He had another accident and the traveling vet came to visit. That was two weeks ago. He's receiving special treatment and has his own digs for a while. I will write more later.
Today after I vacuumed and mopped and dusted the house I took a break and went outside with the dogs.
It was another beautiful day. It's almost scary how beautiful it is here.

The Corgi boys greeted me.
"You boys want to play a game?" They looked at me like Corgis do and Carl started to walk away.
I know he was saying, under his breath, "Here comes Farmlady with the camera again."
"Hey, wait. This will be fun, guys. Let's play Corgi Cam. You know I follow you around and pretend I'm one of you and we take picures from a dog point of view. What'a you say. Come on. Give Farmlady a break. She's been in the house all morning. Humor her."
Cutter looked at me and said, "I never played this game before."
"But, OK. Do I get to hold the camera? Do I get to take pictures of you and Carl?"
Carl came on the run. "Oh no you don't. I will do it. I want to be in control of the camera taking."
"Well, Carl," I said, " I think I'm going to let Cutter do this because he hasn't done it before."
Carl got that look on his face that says, "Oh yeah!" So, I told him that Cutter would be the director of this show and he (Carl) would have to live with it.  That's when he disappeared into the bushes.
Cutter followed and we caught this on Corgi Cam.
 And this...
Taking photos from the height of a small dog is as strenuous as vacuuming and mopping. Following Cutter around with the camera and taking photos from his point of view is kind of a feat in itself. ( You didn't really think that I would strap my precious Nikon to Cutter's back did you?)
Well, so far the results were less that wonderful so I called Cutter over to the fence and he saw the cat. That's when things got more interesting.
Carl followed us and both the dogs were preoccupied with Annie, our cat, for quite some time while I sat under the Heavenly Bamboo and wondered what the heck I was doing out here with these silly dogs when I could have taken a nap instead.
Then I called them up on the porch so I could sit down for a little bit. This is when Cutter got a whiff of "You know hoooooo.." up in the corner of the porch. Our little visitor, the Screech Owl, is still resting up there during the day.
 From a Corgi point of view, the little owl is very safe up there. The dogs sniffed and look up there but they didn't bark. The owl quietly watched them until they walked away.
Then it was time to stop the game. My back was hurting and I needed to sit down for a while.

The last "dog cam" shot is a familiar one to the Corgi boys. They are always on the wrong side of this door. They either want out when they are inside, or... they want in when they are outside. It's  a very well know stop for them.
You can tell I reached high and low for something to post about today. It finally came to me at about 9:30  tonight and now I'm done. I'm going to bid you all a fond goodnight because I can't think of anything else to add to this already stimulating post.


  1. Well you brought a smile to my face early this morning farmlady! What fun!!!!

  2. haha kinda neat catching their perspective on the world...but i bet it was hard on the back...smiles...fun post...

  3. Cute post, Connie, Hope you got a good nights sleep after all that house cleaning and playing with the dogs. The weather does look nice out there. It has been cold here the last 2 days. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  4. Oh, my. The world from a Corgi's point of view. Chelsea is forever sniffin'!
    xo, Cheryl

  5. Amazed you do all three in one day. I usually do the first 2, then dust another...

    This was cute!! And so are your babies :)

  6. loved every minute of it...and so happy to hear that the owl is still there
    ..and that darn cleaning is never done

  7. :) You are entertaining to say the least! All of you!


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