I prefer winter and Fall, when you feel the bone structure of the landscape — the loneliness of it, the dead feeling of winter. Something waits beneath it, the whole story doesn’t show. ~Andrew Wyeth

Friday, October 14, 2011

Beginnings and Endings ... and a Time of Transition

This is the beginning of a Nuno Felted scarf. I went to a local fabric shop called the Sewing Cottage. I only went in to buy some needles for my sewing machine. I came out with all these fat quarters of beautiful fabric too.
Then today I had to go into town for some paint and I decided to stop at the thrift shop. 
Well... those fat quarters are beautiful but very expensive at the fabric store. They were about $10. a yard and added up to about $20. for 8 or 9 quarters.
All of this, at the thrift store was way cheaper.
For about $8.00 I bought all of this. If you just need scraps and you're not too particular, this is a really inexpensive way to buy fabric. Some of these are hankerchiefs and they're beautiful. With Nuno Felting, I'm more interested in the color and texture than the patterns. I found some great pieces to start my project. I will always check the thrift store first from now on.
I have some beautiful fleece and roving that I've been saving for the occasion.
Fleece is washed, uncarded wool from a sheep but roving is carded and sometimes twisted into long strands.

This is wool roving that has been dyed from light to dark shades of pink. Both of these bags of wool have been dyed.
I can blend the colors by carding it again and mixing the strands together.
"Oh, be still my heart."
Isn't this beautiful stuff?
The fun begins.
I had to finish the painting of the POTTING SHED first. The outside is done now and weatherproof.
 Now I can paint the inside at my leisure. Which means... sometime before the weather turns on us.  There are a lot of acorns on the ground this year and I think that means a rough winter.
Come on rain.
It's time for you to put some fears to rest for the winter.
We want the new grasses to push through the burned area so the deer have something to eat.
Momma and her baby are looking for something to eat.
I don't know why they hang around the fire zone. There's is nothing there for them.

 And we want the weather to change bringing the cold that makes Rattlers go back into their dens for the Winter. 
This four foot monster was sunning himself on our driveway yesterday.
This was a big mistake on his part.
He is now in snake heaven.
We hate to kill these beautiful creatures. They have a right to be here but we cannot let them wander around the house area. Not near the chickens and the goats... Not near our dogs.
It's a hard call and I'm always sad when we have to kill one. We have been very lucky the last couple of years. When we first moved here we had up to 7 or 8 a season.
This is only the second Rattler this summer.  The other was a baby and it was on the road last week. They're moving around right now. We are being very vigilant.
This was a big one and old..
This snake had lived many years and shed many skins. Its rattles were broken off. I'm sure that it saw many battles and fought hard. This was one battle it could not win.
I'm sorry Rattle Warrior. May you find green grass and many mice in the next world.
And for all of you who are shaking in you moccasins over these last photos... here is a change of pace. 
Some strange looking, small people have appeared on my piano.
 Strange ladies with funny hats... And this one, below, with the blue eyes
Kind of scary...
...but the pumpkin head guy doesn't seem too worried so I guess I won't be either.
And, to Carl's undying annoyance, a CAT has taken up residence on top of the bookcase.
And it looks like a cat that is not to be messed with. That's kind of a scary grin.
I don't know where these creatures came from... but I suspect that it has something to do with HALLOWEEN. 
Don't you?


  1. wow this is like potpouri...like the shed, very cool colors...yikes on the rattler...wow, i might stear real clear of him...

  2. Ha! I put out pumpkins for the first time since Ane passed. She loved the holiday season.

    I grew up with Rattle Snakes. They are to be honored Rattle Warriors :)

  3. This post made me cringe, giggle, smile and sigh...

    Your crafting has me in awe...

    I'd gladly help you paint your shed if you'd keep an eye out for Rattle Warriors!

    Lovely decorations and a great post!

  4. I love fabrics. I could just pile them up around the house to look at from time to time throughout the day. What a great idea the thrift store is.

  5. Connie, your potting shed is as cute as can be. The material and thread are quite lovely. The deer are sweet looking but the rattlesnake is mean looking. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  6. You may have gotten some great deals at the thrift store, but those fabric quarters are gorgeous!!! I love your Halloween decorations as well.

    Any chance you'd be willing to do a step-by-step series as you nuno felt your next scarf? I want to try it so badly but don't want to do it wrong and have nothing 'stick'.

    I bet you'd get lots of people following along if you did a 'felt-a-long'...

  7. It's a fine thing that you honored the snake. I would feel the same. Not something you want sneaking around the place. Please try to do a tutoriol on the felting!!

  8. I love the shed!! Great colors [I think] — on my monitor it looks like peach, purple & aqua, is that right?
    I’m nuts about your Halloween decor and I especially LOVE that pitcher/vase ----- gorgeous!! The witch is my next most favorite. And . . . . . can it be . . . . . is that the same piano we learned to play “Heart & Soul” on? ~Dawn

  9. Charming Baglady's dogOctober 15, 2011 at 3:17 PM

    Tell Carl & Cutter that cat is waaaay too scary, they should go hide under the bed. If I were there, I’d bark ferociously then run like hell!!! ~Ms. Mugs

  10. beautiful stuff even mr rattles... I agree that its a shame to have to kill him but there are boundaries for snakes in my yard non poisionous ones are escorted beyond the boundaries, poisionous ones meet a sad demise... but we have cats fish and kids to protect. But I do discuss it with them and give them a few seconds to go ... hubby says no discussion ... boom! love the people on the piano :) love and grits!

  11. Nice thrift store scoop! I grew up in rattle snake country, and always hated to see them killed too ... although I sure didn't appreciate them in the hen house! I much prefer deer ... we watched a pair of deer in our back yard this morning too. Looking forward to seeing your felting project!

  12. Your photos of the deer are so pretty. The snakes...not so much! I know they have their place, I'd just rather it be far, far away from mine. You are looking rather festive, my dear!

  13. Love the potting shed, & the fabrics[of course, I am a quilter!]
    the rattlers, not so much in fact not at all! COming from an island nation that "boasts" six out of the ten most venomous snakes in the world, well , they leave me cold, Farmlady & I am happy to live where I don't see any..............


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